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Unconventional Proposal Stories, KDWB And Marriages That Last

Little Boy in Toy Car Marriage Proposal

On my drive into work this morning I was listening to the Dave Ryan in the Morning show on 101.3 and they had the most interesting excerpt about wedding proposals. I found this ironic because I was just thinking about wedding blog ideas.

The discussion was about wedding proposals and how long marriages would last based on the type of proposal. Dave Ryan explained a “theory” about proposals stating that the length of a marriage is dependent upon the time, care, and effort that went into the proposal. Long story short, the more detail in the proposal, the longer the marriage. I love the whole notion of the proposal and being able to share ‘The Story” with everyone. However, unlike the radio heads on KDWB I do not always think the proposal theory holds true. Sometimes marriages last a long time with the shortest, or even the most unconventional of proposals.

Dave Ryan and the rest of the crew played a game with this theory. They had people call in telling their proposal story and then would guess on whether the couple was still married. Some of the calls were hilarious. I can not remember every detail but a woman called in and said that her significant other asked her if she wanted *this (expletive reference) for the rest of her life. Half of the crew believed they were divorced because of his casual way of asking, but surprisingly they were still married”¦19 years later.

Dave Ryan said it best when he said it should not matter about the proposal story as much as it is hyped up to be. A true marriage will last when you still want to marry someone despite how casual, silly or insensitive a proposal might be. It is the person you want to marry, not their proposal.

I am not engaged but my significant other and I have talked about marriage. He told me he knows exactly how he wants to propose. Of course I am excited to be able to tell my “story,” but in reality it doesn’t matter how he proposes; it’s the fact that he wants to propose and spend the rest of his life with me. That is what is most important.

Do you have a proposal story you want to share? Feel free to comment and share your story!