V.I.B. Bride Katie C’s Perspective: Don’t Get Stuck with a Boring Guest Book!

The best part about weddings is celebrating the love of two people with all of their friends and family. Traditionally, couples choose to have a guest book sit out front so they can collect the signatures of all of the attendees. But let’s face it, this isn’t a movie premiere to get as many autographs as possible. 30 years from now you’re not going to be sitting on your porch looking at your friend’s names in some beat up old book. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think it’s important to have something to remember your loved ones by, but that doesn’t mean I want to look at your scribbles years from now.

So the question is, How are you going to remember your guests while not having just a boring old guest book? Lucky for you I’ve found a few interactive ways to get a guest book that will not only liven up the party, but also get your guests talking for years to come about how creative you were.

Tip #1. The invention of a photo booth at weddings was genius! Not only does it double as gift for your guests, it also can count as your guestbook! You’ll not only get a personal message from everyone but also a unique and sometimes goofy picture next to it!

I partnered with VIB Vendor The Studio MPLS for my photo booth. They can be found at StudioMpls.com for photography and photo booths. I did months of research and the reason I picked them over all over vendors was because they offered an open-air photo booth. This means instead of having your normal 2 people per picture, you can now have about 7 or 8 people! In the photo, you can tell there is 5 people with lots of room to spare! By being able to have more people in 1 shot will help keep the lines and the pictures flowing. The best part is the Studio MPLS brings all of your props which could include feather boas, empty frames {photo provided Anatoliy D Photography above} and mustaches. Who doesn’t love a stache these days? I chose to have the option of a scrapbook at my station. So everyone gets 2 strips of photos when they step out – one for your guest to take home as a keepsake and the other for your scrapbook. There is also the option to create a custom label at the bottom of your print.



The Studio MPLS has agreed to offer VIB’s a special package through September 2013! If you call and order a photo booth with promo code VIB2013 they will give you 3 hours for $400. This is hundreds less then their competitors and about $150 off their normal package! Ask for Michelle, she is who I worked with and was extremely helpful!

Tip #2. Wishing Globes

A couple decided the best way to deliver their friends and families wishes was through the night sky! They had people write down their wishes for the couple and then later that night, everyone lit them up and let them go! Not only is it romantic but also it will take incredible photos! Anatoliy D Photography {See Left Photo} captured a beautiful scene of the wishes!

Tip # 3 Note board’s are so much fun during the reception and even after the wedding to read what everyone wrote for the happy couple. Later in the night, after a few drinks they start getting creative 馃檪 Boards can be as basic as a box with cards next to it to ribbon boards as seen in the pictures with pre-determined labels on the cards. This makes it easier for guests if they do not know what to write.

Whatever you decide to do my suggestion is to make it as fun and creative as possible! Now go and run with your ideas of how to remember the people who came to your very special day.

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V.I.B. Bride Katie C’s Perspective: Don’t Get Stuck with a Boring Guest Book!