Who’s Your Match? Tell Me Your Story…

Guy and Girl chatting online What’s Your Story?

Today’s world is so fast-paced that it is often hard to find someone who is compatible to your lifestyle as well as someone you would want to share your life with especially in the public domain.

I am very interested in hearing how many readers and/or V.I.B’s have met their true love on Match.com or other dating websites. There are over 836 different online dating websites and statistics claim that one in five people find someone online they eventually marry. I was lucky to be part of the statistic.

Here is my story”¦

As a recent college graduate, I found it really hard to find someone genuine, even in college! Everyone is so busy and still trying to find their identities that I didn’t click with anyone. I have always been someone who acted beyond their years and I wanted to find someone who was the same.

One day I joined Match.com. I thought to myself, there is no harm in trying it out. I joined in spring 2011 and went on a few dates here and there, but I wasn’t having any luck. I had connected with someone right before deciding to take my profile down in September but I wanted to try out meeting someone in person for a while so nothing came out of that at the time. I still had no luck, so I activated my account again in October. I was contacted instantly by Zook2525. Surprisingly, it was the guy who I started to chat with before taking my profile down.

We connected right away! He was charming, cute and a little older. He was finishing up school at Saint Cloud State University. This was very convenient for me because I went to the College of Saint Benedict in St. Joseph, Minn. (This is very close in proximity if some people aren’t familiar with the area.)

We chatted back and forth on text for a month before deciding to meet in November. He was taking some time off for the semester but he was a gentleman and drove up to my campus for our first date.

How did it go? Well”¦I will admit that I was super nervous and I could tell that he was also nervous. You probably can put two and two together how it went, but despite the nerves, I was very interested in getting know him. He intrigued me in a way that no one else did, but I still wanted to take it VERY slow.

I had been hurt in the past and tried to protect myself from getting hurt again. So”¦we dated slowly. Meaning we took each step (holding hands, kissing, hugging, etc.) date by date.

About after a month of dating, he was comfortable enough to ask me to be his girlfriend. At first, I said not yet because he had asked me initially on text. I wanted him ask me in person so he asked me to take me out on my birthday and he had given me the cutest card with a fuzzy yellow duck on it. It read:

‘Hey Kait, I hope your birthday is going great. Kait I would like you to be my girlfriend.’

It was the cutest and goofiest way to ask, but I of course said yes because it was in person, he treated me so well and gave me a wonderful infinity pendant necklace. Also because he actually remembered things I told him! I had mentioned I loved ducks and my birthday card had a baby duck on it! Cute!

The dating continued and intensified because after a month of being “official”, we exchanged “I Love Yous”. And a few months after that, we started to talk about getting married.

I am sure many of you think it is a brash decision to talk of marriage only after a few months of being a couple, but there was a moment when I knew he was my infinite love. This was what he confessed to me.

He was on Match.com for the same reason I was. He didn’t want to find someone in a club or bar scene and actually wanted to FIND someone. He had seen my profile in September and connected with me through email. He remembers me telling him that I was planning on taking my profile down because I wanted to date offline for a while and I suggested we could still be friends.

He admitted to me that he looked for my profile every day after that secretly hoping that my offline dating would not turn out so I would come back to Match.com. He said that as soon as he saw me back on in October that it was meant to be and emailed instantly.

He also told me that the first time he saw my profile; he knew I would be the girl that he would spend the rest of his life and raise a family with.

I actually cried when he told me this. There were not tears of sadness, but of happiness where every nerve in my body tingled and butterflies fluttered about. I had fallen head over heels for this man and I would love him infinitely! (The infinity symbol is the staple of our relationship)

It is now October 2012 and we are still happily together. Our one year anniversary is coming up in December and there is still talk of getting married after he finishes school. We have already started brainstorming the details of our wedding!

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So I am curious to see how many of you were lucky in love on Match.com or another dating website. I would love to hear your story!

Have a beautiful day –

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Who’s Your Match? Tell Me Your Story…