The ABC’s of Menswear

indochino podcast

This is episode 16 with Jeremy from INDOCHINO! Enjoy!


About Jeremy:
I am the Assistant Showroom Manager at INDOCHINO at the Mall of America. I’ve been in Menswear for roughly 8 years. Prior to INDOCHINO, I was writing editorials for a few bespoke tailors based out in NY and MA, and I am also a personal stylist for clients who are within the Twin Cities.
Point 1: “Differences betweenOff-The-Rack vs Bespoke vs Made-To-Measure — what makes INDOCHINO different?”
Point 2: “Specifically for Weddings: Renting vs Buying”
Point 3: “Creative Freedom; the ability to craft a garment that is specific to your liking. From the fit of the garments, to the specific style / color, all of the options are in the clients hands”
Closing Thoughts: Location, In-store promotion, In-store event on March 7th.
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The ABC’s of Menswear