Be Thoughtful About Your Wedding Favors & Your Words!

Hey brides and babes! I hope you are having an amazing day so far. I’ve been so pumped to get in here. Partially because I’ve listened to a lot of Drake from 2010 today and nothing gets me going like some solid throwbacks. But also because I have Josh Neumann from Kind Lips here today! Josh, thank you so much for being here!

For those who haven’t heard of you or your rapidly growing and fantastic company, will you share a bit about yourself and how this whole thing got started?

Tune in to hear from Josh!

So basically, you’re not a chemist or a designer, you were in real estate, but you did this!!! You built this company and within two years you’ve been featured on WCCO, HomeFront Magazine, Evie Magazine, you’ve been on Behind The Billboard, the podcast with our friend Kris Lindahl, and you’re product is being sold in local stores like Minny & Paul, and so many more. Plus, Amazon! Josh, I think you’re doing something right.

I also listened to an interview you did with Todd Jensen a few months ago and you said something that really stuck with me, “There’s a big difference between being nice and being kind” I love love love that. Personally, I feel like anyone can seem nice or act nice, but kindness”¦ that is felt and that changes people. Will you share about your mission behind Kind Lips?

Tune in to hear from Josh!

On your website,, it says you’ve given over 25 thousand dollars. That’s incredible! Do you want to share the super fun news about what we are doing together in November or should I?

The Forever Bride Market is happening on Sunday, November 10th, at Radisson Blu Mall of America and each attendee will be receiving Kind Lips in their swag bag! So be sure to RSVP to that by searching the Forever Bride Market on Facebook and click GOING! I’m so excited.

But there’s a lot going on between then and now. Particularly, weddings! Josh, how can this be incorporated into weddings?

Tune in to hear from Josh!

Yes, they make such thoughtful gifts and if you’re going to spend money on favors, put it towards something people will actually take home and beyond that, buy things that are making a direct beneficial impact on people. If you’re not doing favors, you can still include these in your bridal party gifts! And in it you could write a really KIND note! Omg I love this.

Okay what if people love this idea and your mission and want to get on board, but aren’t planning on doing wedding favors, or bridesmaid gifts, do you have any ideas on how to share kindness and be thoughtful at a wedding?

  • Write personalized notes to your bridal party that are waiting for them the morning of the wedding

  • Instead of one of those jars where you drop a piece of advice, it says your hashtag, #saysomethingkind, and guests write something kind about the couple

  • On the place cards underneath each person’s name, you could have printed or write “say something kind to the person next to you”

Tune in to hear more!

Kindness has that domino effect to it. So imagine being at a wedding where all of that is happening. Sounds like the best wedding ever to me!

And I don’t mean to brag, BUT giving great gifts is one of my specialties and all time favorite things to do. Which is why I’m 100% on board with this. So when I get married, and for those who are wondering what they should do now, where can we order a bunch of these lip balms?

From the Wholesale tab should we select Wholesale or Corporate Gifting?

That’s awesome. Any final thoughts or kind words to share with our listeners before we announce our giveaway?

We are giving away a 3 pack of Kind Lips! All you need to do is subscribe, leave us a review on iTunes and use #saysomethingkind, and follow Kind Lips on Instagram! We’ll share all the reviews with Josh and we will announce the winner on Instagram next Friday! So be sure to follow him and leave a review!

Thank you so much brides and thank youJosh for being here. For more information on Josh visit and you can see the full show notes on this episode by going to Also, if you want to know all the fun news about the Market, upcoming events, and more, go to to become a Forever Bride!

Talk soon brides!

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Be Thoughtful About Your Wedding Favors & Your Words!