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Bridal Party Hair & Makeup from 3 Beauty Experts

Description of DASS Glam Team:

The DASS Glam Team is a passion-driven three sister trio with a beauty lounge located in Maplewood, Minnesota.

DASS specializes in Bridal and Special Events, Hair-styling and Make-Up Applications along with traditional salon services.

Bao, Pang, and Lisa are innovative leaders and salon owners with a combined 28 years of experience in the beauty industry. They have turned their passion into a career and recently assumed ownership of a 37-year-old salon in the spring of 2018.

The DASS Glam Team has had a multitude of experiences from weddings to commercial work, beauty pageants, special events and volunteered complementary services to the community. DASS continues to exceed their clientele’s expectations and participate in giveaways for the public through multiple organizations.

Glamorous Bride Tribe

– Bride Tribe is an extension of you, the Bride.

– When bridal party hair and makeup is done right, everyone will be looking and feeling their best!

– Stress-Free bride tribe

Lasting Memories for Your & Your Bridal Party

– Stress-free bride – sets the tone for the day and everyone around you

– Great photos to look back to – these are the only physical memories you will have. 

– Actually remember the wedding day and not the stress of the day. 

Proper Etiquette: Who should financially be responsible for the bridal party hair and makeup?

РBrideРIf bride requests a specific glam team/look 

– Bridal Party– If hair and makeup is not a high priority, but bride tribe insists 

– Both– If the bride prefers but does not request for a specific glam team/ look

Closing Thoughts: The importance of having your bride tribe beautiful. 

– There’s no second chance to a lasting first impression.¬†

Social media handles:


Facebook: Design Affair Salon Studio

Instagram: @designaffairsalonstudio