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How to be YOU on your big day with Nicole Fae

On today’s episode we are talking all about how to be YOU on your big Day with Nicole Fae of Makeup by Nicole Fae!


About Nicole Fae – Makeup artist & hair stylist since 2005, educator, salon owner, and mother!


1. Hair

– How do you pick your hair style?

– how do you wear your hair everyday? Special occasion?

– prep: color appointments, hair cuts


2. Makeup

– How do you pick your makeup?

– Consider the season that your wedding is in when at the trial.

– are you a DIY girl?


3. Know yourself!

– How are you going to handle the stress of the day?

– how can you avoid stress that day (were talking family members sister-Zilla/mom-zilla)


Really sit down and think about who you are. This is YOUR day so you want to look and feel like you. Your makeup and hair people are going to give you suggestions but at the end of the day, you have to do you. The artists will leave and live their lives, you need to feel that they have helped you create the best version of YOU!