How to Keep Your Wedding Day Glow After the Big Day

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Today on The Forever Bride Show we are talking about how to get that wedding day glow and how to keep it long after your big day with Lexi Dudgeon of The Beauty Box!

What is The Beauty Box?

The Beauty Box is going to be your perfect a one stop shop for all things beauty and self care. We offer a wide range of services and beauty products – everything to just help enhance natural beauty and build confidence. The Beauty Box got started when it came time, in life, to decide what I wanted to do. Everyone gets there. I was so torn, because I always had just such a big passion for everything beauty – beauty services, beauty products, just taking care of your skin. Estee Lauder’s slogan is, “Confidence breeds beauty” and it just kind of always stuck with me and it’s something I was so passionate about. But I’ve always viewed myself becoming a business woman and an entrepreneur. I came from a family that owns their own business. Motivation entrepreneur culture was always around me and I wanted to get into that and so I decided to go to school and I went to the University of Minnesota and I obtained two business degrees from there and then after, that passion for beauty never died. So I kind of mixed those two dreams together and that’s how The Beauty Box came along!


Launch of Beauty Boxes: April 1st! Visit The Beauty Box in Lakeville, MN to get yours or make an appointment with Lexi HERE.

How do you get the wedding day glow?

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. I compare beauty to a gym. You don’t go to a gym once and walk out and look the best that you’ve ever looked. It is a process and you have to work for it. Same thing with beauty. Same thing with skin care. So at The Beauty Box we offer, as I said before, a wide range of services to help you get wedding ready, to get you that glow – honeymoon ready, custom spray tans, lash extensions, threading to get your eyebrows perfect for the day! So just that one stop shop, and then you can for lashes for example or a spray tan you get it before. Now we’re sending you off ready for the rehearsal dinner or you’re ready for the wedding or you’re ready for your honeymoon. Those simple steps that take less than an hour now all of a sudden just saved you however many hours of time to get ready and then now you look good for three days straight.

Tune in to hear why threading is such a great alternative to waxing!

Talk to us about lashes.

We have three different types of lashes; classic. blended, and volume. Classic lashes is gonna be one extension per one real lash, when volume you’re using a lot lighter of a lash so you can put more than one lash on your real lash. So we make handmade fans at the Beauty Box. We don’t use premade fans – that’s a big difference.

How far in advance from the wedding do you suggest people come in for lashes?

I would suggest doing a least a month before so you can figure out what style you like. So if you come in and you get Classic at first just because if you’ve never had lashes you want test amount you get classic lashes lasts about two to three weeks before you have to come and get a fill. They naturally fall off when your real eyelashes fall off. So you come in every like two to three weeks and after you’re like, “You know I kind of want more of a dramatic look, I want just to be ready. Let’s try the blended,” and now we’re gonna be a few days before your wedding we can do the blended. And then you’re ready to go!

What about spray tans? What is the difference between a booth spray and a custom spray tan?

Yep. So we do custom spray tans and we use organic solution. So the nice thing about the solution that we have is it’s going to naturally pull your undertones. There’s no possible way that you can walk out looking orange because it’s going to pull your undertones. I also hand mix the solution to fit whatever you’re looking for. With a booth, it’s a great option, but in a booth you pretty much only get to pick a light, medium, or dark, and it’s not custom to you. And a machine is just going to spray the front of you and the back of you. It’s not going to kind of work around your curves it’s not going to get into every little nook and cranny that you have. You don’t want to look like you got spray painted, you want it to look like it’s a natural glow that you have. So a custom spray tan works with your body, it helps contour you, and then like I said, I hand mix all of the solution to give you that color that you’re looking for.

Tune in to hear the nightmare that happened to one of Lexi’s clients and how she was able to save the day!


How do you prevent it from staining your dress?

Come in to get a spray tan and wait eight to 10 hours to shower. So that spray tan is really getting absorbed in your skin. Why we use organic spray tan solution. It’s getting absorbed. You don’t want to absorb any chemicals. So you wait that at eight to 10 hours to shower shower and then all of that access solution will run off and then it doesn’t get on anything because like I said it’s absorbed in your skin.

I suggest doing it as close to the big day as possible, so one to two days, just because you want it to be fresh and glowing and we have add on services such as like shimmer drops or like skin firming drops. Tune in to hear more about them! But here’s a little teaser:The skin firming drops are mixed with caffeine. So it brings the circulation back to your skin. So it’s really good for honeymoons or if you’re going on a vacation it helps with cellulite. Stretch marks – all of that!You can also mix it with water if you don’t want the spray tan and you can just do the add on services.

Tell me about the Beauty Boxes that you have?

Yes. I live by the products I put in there. So we’re starting these beauty boxes and we’re gonna have a box per season. And all of these products are going to be suitable for that season. So our Spring box, for example, we have a bunch of different patches, like a sheet mask and under eye rejuvenating mask, a lip mask. So these products are going to be really great for on the go. So your honeymoon you don’t want to be bringing 500 jars with you. Right? You just kind of want that quick fix. The products that we have that sheet mask, lip mask, rejuvenating eye mask, they all work in five minutes so you can just after your shower pop them on quick and you’re ready to go. We also have a little travel kit in there that comes with essential oils, roller balls, a linen room spray, and organic chapstick. Everything that you need that you can just bring with you. Is that quick fix!

How much does it cost?

Our Spring box is $39.99 and the overall value is over $60. There arefive to seven products – premium full size products – I’m never going to give you a sample. You’re going to have enough to last for however long the bottle lasts. It’s gonna be a full size product and then everything that we have in the box we also sell in our store and online.

Can they either do like one box at a time or do they like subscribe for the whole year? How does that work?

So right now it’s going to be one box at a time but we’re hoping by when summer comes we’re gonna have the subscription. So if you just want to buy one box you can, but if you want to buy all three boxes you can do it as a subscription and then we’ll just mail it out to you.

Tune in to hear more about why these make for the perfect gifts for brides, bridesmaids, and MOBs! PLUS, use the code: THEFOREVERBRIDESHOW for 10% off any service or product during the month of April!

Purchase the boxes, products, and book appointments online at


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How to Keep Your Wedding Day Glow After the Big Day