How to Curate Wellness During a Busy Season


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I absolutely love seeing you brides and your tribes having fun at The Market and meeting our amazing vendors. I feel like The Market is a self-care day because you’re able to relax, have fun, and focus on yourself a bit. What’s better than finding a fun way to practice self-care, ya know? But if you’re like me you probably struggle with finding time to “self-care” or practice wellness. Well, that’s why today’s episode is going to rock your socks off. We are talking all about curating a self-care practice perfect for you with my friend and talented teacher, Ashley Sondergaard of WEDDED WELLNESS.

Ashley, for those that don’t know you, can you share a bit about yourself and how you got into the wellness field?

I’m Ashley! Longtime yoga teacher and founder of WEDDED WELLNESS. Wedded Wellness is a collective of curated wellness experiences for brides, grooms, and their loved ones. We offer bachelorette packages with yoga, holistic health coaching, astrology and more as well as private wedding day yoga for brides, grooms, and bridal parties. 

How to Curate Wellness in a Crazy Season of Life:

Building a routine of self-care should start as soon as possible.

– What better time to start a ritual of self-care than when deciding to get married? Prepping for a new life together 

– Build this in before things become chaotic – kids, new houses, jobs, etc. 

– Ashley learned this the hard way: After kids came along and I wasn’t sure how to take care of myself in order to be fully present for them.

-Wedding planning can be stressful. Make your self-care rituals non-negotiable. 

What are some easy first steps we can integrate wellness into our lives to be more mindful and caring to ourselves?

Tune in to hear Ashley’s answer!

In holistic health coaching, how much attention do you focus on the mind vs. the other areas of life/the body?

Being beautiful on your wedding day and beyond is more than just how you look!

– Do you feel beautiful? Are you ready to take on life’s challenges? The challenges of your partner? Do you have personal tools you can use to stay grounded? 

– Self-love always comes first. Take care of yourself in order to love your partner harder. 

I want to hear your thoughts on astrology. Do you read charts? 

Tune in to hear how this a la carte option is added into Wedded Wellness’ practice.

How can you get your friends and bride tribe on board?

Already into wellness and taking care of yourself? Share this with your loved ones! 

  • It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. Uplift yourself to lift up others

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How to Curate Wellness During a Busy Season