How To Plan a Unique Bridal Shower for Your Bride-to-Be

brewery for bachelorette parties

Let’s get the fundamentals covered so we can springboard off that into what a more Unique Bridal shower looks like!

  1. Why have a bridal shower? What’s the difference between that and an engagement party?
  2. Who plans and pays for the bridal shower? And when is a good time to have it?
    1. From a past Forever Bride in our Forever Brides Facebook group, “You only get to go through this journey once (hopefully ?) and so there’s nothing wrong with asking someone to host.”

Tune in to hear all the answers!

Is it okay to have more than one? It’s hard for myself (Sam) – and I’m sure other women – to put themselves first. So asking for two showers may be hard, but if you have two totally different sides of the family or really big families, is it worth it? Let’s clear that confusion up. 

  1. One bride from our private Facebook group, Forever Brides (go join if you haven’t already! It is free and just for brides to get advice, bounce ideas off one another, etc.) she had lived in three different cities for 3+ years each, hours away from my hometown. “So far I have had a bridal shower arranged by my fiance’s family, a bridal shower arranged by my family in my hometown, a bridal party arranged by my MOH locally, and a bridal party arranged by one of my bridesmaids in a different city.”
  2. What does a classic bridal shower look like? 
  3. What was YOURs like, Meghan?

From Meghan:

As the wedding industry continues to evolve and change, more and more brides are looking for unique ways to personalize their wedding day experience and this includes the events leading up to their wedding day.  Bridal showers usually involve games & gifts but sometimes that isn’t fit for every bride. I think this is especially relevant for millennials as more and more couples are waiting to get married- they want to tackle things like purchasing their first home or advancing in their career before they walk down the aisle so that their wedding can be exactly what they want it to be.  Often times brides don’t need or want gifts and they would rather have the bridesmaids & family members help pitch in to create a really awesome experience for everyone to enjoy.

Today we wanted to highlight 4 ways to plan a unique bridal shower that is personalized for today’s modern bride.

Idea 1: Backyard Yoga + Bridal Brunch

Hire a personal yoga instructor & set up in your backyard!  You could treat each guest to a personalized yoga mat & water bottle so that they can each remember the fun afternoon you treated them to before the bride’s big day!  Instead of doing a traditional brunch spread opt for options like a yogurt parfait bar, kombucha stand, or fruit-infused waters. Complete the party with yoga selfies highlighting your favorite yoga pose from the class.  

Idea 2: Prosecco + Puppies (Picnic in the Park)

Keep your bridal shower casual by hosting a simple picnic in the park & invite everyone with dogs to join!  An afternoon filled with the bride’s two favorites, prosecco & puppies will make for a super fun bridal shower.

Idea 3: DIY Floral Design + Wine 

Interested in making your own floral arrangements for your wedding but want some practice before the big day?  Grab some blooms & some wine and get designing! Keep it simple by choosing easy flowers to work with first- lots of greenery, hydrangeas, spray roses, & baby’s breath and watch each of your bridesmaids & family members create their own bouquets.  You’ll need some other tools handy like a pretty ribbon to tie the design together, vases (mason jars are awesome & inexpensive), gardening sheers, & gloves. At the end of the shower, vote for your favorite design and use it as an option on your wedding day!

Idea 4: I “Brew” Crew – spend a day at a local brewery complete with a brewery tour & taproom experience

Grab your girls and head to the bride’s favorite local brewery for a relaxing day with some brews!  Most breweries offer tours and a taproom experience and some even have private/semi-private space for hosting parties.  Order some pizza or food from a local food truck (usually they are nearby) and keep it simple and easy for the bride to be!

SAM: Another idea I heard from our Forever Brides Facebook group is having a “Stock the Bar” bridal shower where everyone brings their favorite bottle of alcohol as a gift instead of the traditional gifts, like…. Meghan, what are some traditional gifts?

Tune in to hear her answers!

SAM: A few other traditional vs. nontraditional things I have questions about…

  • Are boys allowed? Have you been to one like that?
  •  Can you invite someone to your shower that isn’t invited to the wedding? I’ve heard from a lot of brides, that’s poor etiquette, and personally I agree just because I feel like that might be awkward and set the expectation that they are going to be invited. But I don’t know – what’s your professional opinion? Tune in to hear her answers!

Tune in to our first episode with Meghan Buck here: The Necessary Mindset for the Modern Bride

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How To Plan a Unique Bridal Shower for Your Bride-to-Be