Paper Flowers to Make Your Wedding Last Forever

paper flowers by WJM floral

About Wendy of WJM Paper Floral Designs:

I am a 57-year-old medical laboratory tech. I’ve always been creative and tried in many different areas of art. I discovered sugar flowers 12 years ago but wanted to find a more versatile media. One that could be displayed and enjoyed without worrying about breakage. I discovered crepe paper flowers can be made to look just as delicate and soft as the real thing. I realized I had finally found my creative outlet!

Tune in for a brief history of paper flowers!

What is your inspiration? How are the flowers made?

  • Chelsey, from our Facebook group (Forever Brides), said, “I’m doing paper flowers with sheet music from our first dance song and the first song we wrote together” Can this actually be done?
  • From Wendy, “I use only the finest Italian and German crepe papers. Each petal is hand-cut, dyed and sculpted into flowers for any occasion. They are hypoallergenic and will not bother people who may be sensitive to fragrance.”

Cost // Benefits // Realistic or Not

  • Better for the environment
  • Allergies & bugs
  • I did some research, before this, and by that, I mean searching on our Forever Brides facebook group to see what our brides were saying about paper flowers and so many people were endorsing it and cheering on other brides to do it! But my favorite line I read was by this girl Lauren and she said, “I went the paper and wood route and now I have my wedding flowers forever, and they were half the cost of ‘real’ flowers. Do ittttt” 

Versatile! They can be incorporated alone or with fresh!

  • This is how and where you can save on costs (or splurge)!

Closing thoughts:

Keepsake forever, 1st-anniversary gift, etc.

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Paper Flowers to Make Your Wedding Last Forever