Thoughtful Gift-Giving for EVERY Budget!

thoughtful gift giving for every budget

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About our Guest:

I have had a passion for personalized gifting since I was a child. I’ve always loved putting together a special gift for my friends and family! My mom and I created B+D Custom Crafts to take the stress off of people’s shoulders about giving thoughtful gifts!

What all goes into your thoughtful gifts for wedding parties?

We work with only local artists, businesses, and makers from Minnesota. We have lots of new options, about 20 some makers on our roster! Our products include anything from health and wellness with natural skincare and hand-poured candles made with essential oils to sweets & treats for your guests! Tune in to hear some of their yummiest partners!

Every single order we do is different because it’s personal to you and your wedding party. We have created every type of mixed and matched gift set imaginable!

Pro to working with B+D Custom Crafts: out of town guests get a beautiful taste and Minnesota gift experience!

How do you make gift-giving possible for every budget?

Since we are fully customizable, we rarely have to turn away a bride or couple. Working with local businesses gives us more flexibility! Tune in to hear how they are surprising out of town guests for an upcoming winter wedding!

Who gets a gift and when is a good time to give a gift?

There are a lot of people to think about when it comes to gift-giving during and after your wedding season. From family and friends to your vendors. And the last thing you want to do is wait till the last minute. (You know how everyone does that around the holidays and it’s super stressful? Yeah, let’s avoid that!) So once you have your big pillars out of the way, like venue and photographer, start thinking about gifts and meet with a professional gift giver if there is one in your area! They will help you with your budget.

The most common gifts we see are for the wedding party. Particularly, bridesmaid proposals and Maid of Honor gifts. But after that, it’s typically parents or people that have had a big part in contributing to your wedding. This includes your wedding planner, Day of Coordinator, or anyone that did a lot of behind the scenes works for you.

Note: not all presents need to be the same or cost the same! There is such a thing as scaled gifts. Typically, it starts with Maid of Honor getting the biggest present, then the bridesmaids – they will get a version of that gift, then typically a $15-20 gift for someone that played a smaller role in your wedding.

Customizing gifts can take the place of you spending hundreds of dollars on gifts overall.

Book recommendation: Giftology

In that book, it says, “Know your budget and then get the best gift you can with that much money.”

Speaking of customizing gifts… Monogramming is HUGE when it comes to making a simple gift personal! Hear what Brittany recently did for a bride by listening to the podcast!

Gift Ideas for Your Fiance

Besides a watch and cufflinks. We do a lot of cocktail-themed gifts like whiskey tumblers or modern sleek flasks. We focus on gifts that can be used over and over again. Personalized glassware is always wonderful or home decor.

Feel free to bring in any Pinterest ideas and we can figure out how to make that perfectly for YOU!

Custom Gift Sets for Parents

Tune in to hear all of Brittany’s idea!

Trends in Gift Giving

A lot of spa-themed gift sets. A lot of natural and organic, health forward, and health first gifts. They are things people actually want and will use. There are no junk items or throw away items!

If you want to get Sam a gift, talk to Brittany!

Average price range brides should budget for when picking out gifts for their wedding party:

  • $25 and under for tertiary, or third level, gifts for like officiants or day-of coordinator, and you get something a little bit smaller and more thoughtful
  • $50 – $75 for a gift set for a maid of honor or for someone that has had a more profound role in your wedding
  • $100+ is usually given to one or two people, that could be to parents or to your fiance.

All of this to say that if your gift budget is not in that range, that is totally okay! We can do personalized single items that can be paired very well with a handwritten note.

Closing Thoughts:

We will always treat our clients like our own friends and family. So we start with an initial consultation call to get to know you, your guests, and what you’re looking for. Then, we will start getting options and images over to you. The other good thing about us and our partners being local is that we can typically get a customized gift or gift set over to you in a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months.

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Thoughtful Gift-Giving for EVERY Budget!