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What to Ask When Touring a Barn Venue

Today on the Forever Bride Show we are talking about barn venues. Yes, they are still a rising trend and yes, they are here to stay!

[Ashley] Hi everyone, welcome back! I am Ashley Hawks and this is the Forever Bride Show and I am so excited to have a dear friend of mine in the studio today with her wonderful fiancee. Most of you probably know her as Miss Minnesota USA 2018. I know her as the owner and the founder of Stone Hill Farm in Eagle Bend, Minnesota, Kalie Wright. And I also want to introduce her fiance, Jeremiah. Welcome you guys!

[Kalie & Jeremiah] Hi Ashley. I know this will be so much fun. Thank you so much for having us.

[Ashley] So before we dig in, because you guys have this amazing story of how you two met and this amazing background and your love for music and your love for family and parties. But you guys started this this beautiful venue out in Eagle Bend! Before we go into your history, why Eagle Bend?

[Kalie] So I’ll kind of let Jeremiah start with this but I am originally from Idaho. And basically what brought me out here is this sweet, hot, amazing man.

[Ashley] For those of you who are not watching on Youtube, he’s adorable.

[Kalie] Yeah, they call me an “import” around here.

[Jeremiah] I imported a good one!

[Kalie] No. But I moved out here about three years ago and I always say are planted, because he grew up on a farm and we really are planted where we’re at. His dad and mom still currently farm and he is farming with them. So that’s kind of why we are where we are. And I’ll let you give a little background as to why Eagle Bend.

[Jeremiah] Yeah, when you’re younger you always think where you are at is where you want to get away from. Music was always what I wanted to do, so I moved out to L.A. for eight years and played the Warped Tours and the X Games tours and do tours and things like that. I was in a rock band and moved to Nashville and split time back and forth to Minnesota and while I was in Nashville doing more country side of music I went up and played a show in Idaho. Never had been there. Had just gone through I think Boise once for the X Games but I never spent any time there and went and sang at a local pageant and I was the only guy on stage! And Kalie and I kind of knew of each other before and that’s basically how we hit it off and then I never sang at another pageant.

[Kalie] You only need one! Choose the winner and move on.

[Ashley] Do you remember the song that you were singing?

[Kalie] Oh yeah I remember! It was it was actually one of his originals too. So he got into country music ,which steals my heart. And yeah, I totally remember him on stage and I fell in love at the pageant! I was like, okay I’ve got a crown, but who is that man on stage?!?! No but really that’s kind of what brought us together – a little bit of pageant & a little bit of music. We did long distance dating for a while and traveled as much as we could to see each other and ultimately just knew that if we were going to be together that Minnesota was gonna be home.

[Jeremiah] So I slowed down playing the music and started being back in Minnesota more often and was farming still with my folks as well. But then kind of planted there and she moved from Idaho and I had already been kind of working on getting a barn, this barn on the property, in shape. It was in really rough shape when I bought the place.

[Ashley] So this has always been a dream of yours?

[Jeremiah] To own having a venue of some sort. Yes. But when we started dating she took it to a whole nother level of her idea of what it should be.

[Ashley] Right. Great women will do that!

[Jeremiah] There’s a lot more work to get it there. But my goodness, it’s going to be incredible.

[Kalie] But what’s cool is that he had the foundation there. He bought this property knowing that this barn was a gem, just kind of knowing that it was a little bit far off in the future.

[Jeremiah] It was in rough shape. I mean it’s a massive structure. The barn originally, it’s one of the biggest ones I’ve ever seen. But just to get it to where it was back with straight roof lines and everything, took good you’re out of my life just doing that.

[Ashley] Do you know when the barn was built?

[Kalie] Yes, in the1940s.

[Ashley] Wow!

[Jeremiah] Yeah, “˜48 or “˜49. We actually know the lady. Her and her husband built the barn. Kalie invited her out to the house.

[Kalie] This is the most special thing. I have to do a little plug for her. She is in her 80’s and she has this incredible story. She raised five kids. Her husband died when he was 35 and left her basically with this giant farm. They had dairy cows. They would milk cows by hand! And she had to basically sell the farm because that’s just a lot with five kids. She basically knew that she was saying goodbye to her home that her and her husband had built together. And I invited her to come see it this year after we had put all the renovations in and she got tears in her eyes. I just wanted to record her stories inside of our barn so that she could kind of relive the memories and keep her legacy alive in the barn.

[Jeremiah] She was so sweet.

[Kalie] Her name is Dorothy.

[Jeremiah] Yeah. Dorothy Patch and she brought us these old aerial photos from like back in the 60’s. She brought us all the ones that she had kept. And any pictures she had. She is just the sweetest thing.

[Ashley] Do you have this story on your website?

[Kalie] Yes we do. And I want to put together a video montage just to really highlight her and how amazing she is as a human being. And how her love reflects through the walls of the barn, too. So yeah, that’s huge.

[Ashley] Oh I love that. I love that. I want to find a picture that we can post on our show notes of Dorothy! Just give her a little shoutout!

[Kalie] She’s amazing.

[Ashley]I love that it has this great story for you guys. Okay, so I want to come back to this song. I know you guys are engaged. For those of you listening, this is a real bride in the studio. Someday we’ll have a call in thing where they can call and ask questions, but we aren’t that cool yet. I want to know the song that you were singing. You said you wrote this song, at the pageant. Is this song going to come back at the wedding some time?

[Jeremiah] I don’t know. We know we want the wedding to be just a full on wonderful time. A lot of our Nashville friends and Los Angeles friends are going to come up, who are musicians, so we’re just gonna play into the night. We’ll do the formal wedding stuff and then actually throw a full on party.

[Kalie] If you sing at the wedding I want it to be a surprise. I don’t want to know anything about it.

[Ashley] Right. Forget I mentioned anything! Let’s keep moving!

[Kalie] Just kidding, you could do whatever you want. He’s incredible singer though.

[Ashley] So I want to know more about your vision. I mean you mentioned your love for music and you guys have this vision of an event venue, which is now turning into a wedding venue as well. What do you see long term with this space? We were talking earlier, you’re talking about having concerts and fun weekend long festivals. What do you see Stone Hill Farm becoming?

[Jeremiah] Pretty much, Kalie’s drawn up a fantastic blueprint for it being successful. I know weddings are the main thing. That’s what it is; it’s weddings and events. And you know I grew up riding motorcycle all the time and we used to do Toys for Tots and stuff like that. And so I’d like to have a weekend out of the year where we pair with the Ronald McDonald guys and stuff like that that we’re part of quite a bit. And just a raise money and do like a charity event stuff like that and with that you always get to do the concerts so that could just be like a one week out of a year type thing and I’d be completely satisfied with it! But mainly full on weddings.

[Kalie] Right. He really summed it up well. The incredible thing about this space is it is for celebration. It is for making memories and for telling stories. And something that is really important to us is to constantly make sure that everything has an outreach to it. Even though weddings in our business and our income is a priority, we still want to make sure that it belongs to the community too. That’s been our heart like the entire time, to really bring business back to rural Minnesota and back to Eagle Bend. It’s been kind of a dying community for a while since we lost a school and it’s just losing population and that’s our home. So we really want it to be a thriving community and that’s really our main goal is to promote the local businesses and have them benefit off of what we’re trying to create in our community.

[Ashley] That’s awesome. And we were talking earlier too about the community itself and how it’s beautiful and the people there are so kind and it’s only two hours outside of the cities. When we’re talking about amazing beautiful barn venues you really do have to leave the cities to find these structures – these gorgeous structures. But you guys are talking about not only is there hotels there but you want to start getting into like camping and glamping at this space!

[Kalie] Yes. Do you want to talk about it?

[Jeremiah] Yes, that’s the overall goal! The closest hotels, and we have shuttles that can run from point A to Point B, but to be able to have cabins on the property, and you know we farm altogether 2000 acres. It’s all spread out though. So whether families are into the glamping side of it and don’t really want to leave the property, they’re able to just stay and enjoy a great weekend to make it a true destination wedding. We have a couple weddings coming up that they’re pulling up their campers or ice houses. They’re really making a full weekend out of it, which to me, my favorite weddings that I’ve ever been to are ones that you’re not just there for the night out and then leave.

[Jeremiah] It’s the ones that I go there on a Friday to sit with the fellows that I haven’t seen in a while or get to meet the new people that they’re getting married to. And that’s what I think a wedding truly should be about, like joining two families and being able to love on everybody at the same time and getting to know everybody. So that’s what we really want to build. And that’s what I guess our five year plan is. Get the cabins out there and everybody could just come and stay and make a full like you said an event or festival.

[Ashley] I love it. It’s so funny, because to your point, a lot of other cultures their weddings are multiple days. Here in the states our weddings have become a six hour thing, like you go in, she walks down the aisle, you get some dry chicken, and then you move, you dance to some weird songs, you know hopefully none of our vendors on Forever Bride will do that. They’ll take good care of you!

[Ashley] But I love this idea. We were talking with another guest last week about how to make your wedding unique and how to make it really personal to the couple and how to tell your story and how to incorporate your guests into the celebration where they’re not just people in an audience watching a performance, this is an event to celebrate them as well.

[Kalie] Right, and to maximize the celebration too, not just limit it to a day, but to really utilize everything that you’ve put your budget towards.

[Ashley] I love it. Yeah. Okay, so you have some really great advice for brides as they’re starting this process, which is perfect because you’re in the planning process yourself! But when a bride first gets engaged and they’re starting this planning process what is your advice of where to start?

[Kalie] Sure. And we do have kind of a unique perspective on this, not only being venue owners, but also in the business of planning our own venue, and I would say probably the first most important word for us as a couple has been BUDGET. And that really determines your entire wedding and it determines basically where you’re going to get married too and that’s why I think the venue is probably one of the most important choices in determining what your budget is going to be. I know for us, it’s definitely going to be surrounded by the venue, but I would say yeah the budget and then the balance between convenience and budget as well. So with our venue, because it’s a little bit of a drive, I feel like we compensate in maybe the costs and what we actually provide in order to make up for maybe the convenience of travel. So yeah that’s one point that I would say.

[Jeremiah] I think part of it as well, on a personal level, between the bride and groom on what they want their feeling of their wedding to be. For her and I we have friends coming from out of town and not a lot of people take enough time to just spend time with one another anyways. I know we’re extremely guilty of that just from the amount of time we’re putting into this venue to get it prepped, but if you know that your budget says one thing but you genuinely want another, there’s always a different way around it. It’s more about the actual experience of what’s happening between the bride and the groom and their family coming together than the glitz and glam. But with that being said, there’s a way to get both. You can have the wedding that you want and the looks that you want.

[Kalie] I want to record this. Is this being recorded right now? I love you.

[Jeremiah] Well you get both because it is at our venue!

[Ashley] Your wedding is going to be so so beautiful. I can’t wait.

[Kalie] Weddings are so much fun. There’s no way around it.

[Ashley]We’re so in the right industry. I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I’m still not bored. I can still talk about weddings for hours. It’s probably very unhealthy. But whatever, all of you who are in the wedding industry or you’re getting married you know it’s so unique! The other thing that you and I were talking about, that I think is really useful, is you put together a list of questions because when a bride is starting this process and you’re go into these different venues; a barn venue or if you want something like more along this theme. there’s a lot of very important questions you need to be asking and things that you need to be looking for. So what is your advice to brides when they’re touring these different barns?

[Kalie] Yes. So I wrote the list down, just so I didn’t forget some of my favorite ones. I’ve compiled it basically from brides who’ve asked me about our venue and from things that we’ve made sure we want to provide. But there are a couple of important questions. If you are somebody that wants a barn venue and you really want that rustic, romantic atmosphere. These are just some important things to remember when you are asking the owner of the venue:

Is there indoor and outdoor accommodations?

Minnesota weather can be very fickle. So something to remember is if it’s going to be a really really hot day, is it going to be okay having your wedding inside? Are you gonna be okay outside if it rains? Do you have other accommodations?

Another important question is: bathrooms.

There are some instances where barns just aren’t quite that developed yet. So that’s an important thing as well.

Let’s talk about liquor and basically the laws that follow the liquor licensing rules.

I think this one’s important, personally; the mandatory versus preferred vendors.

So a lot of the venues now either have a preferred vendor list or they have a mandatory list. What I love about the barn venue atmosphere is I feel like there’s a lot of freedom in controlling your own wedding and controlling who you work with as a vendor. We personally have our favorites and people that we will constantly recommend and refer. But I love having the choice. I think we’re all about really giving the bride and the groom that freedom to create their special day themselves.

[Jeremiah] Making it simple for them if they want or if they want to make every decision through it. Well than fantastic!

[Kalie] Because it is about you! It’s about you and your family. And I mean obviously, it’s nice to work with people that you know have the proper licensing. Yeah. We love the freedom and the choice.

A bridal suite or a changing area?

For me that was something that was really important. It’s a lot about pictures now and those special moments that you have with your bridesmaids and what that backdrop looks like, that means a lot. And those are photos that you’re going to hold on to forever with some of your best friends! So we’ve been designing our bridal suite to be basically my dream bridal suite. So I’m so excited about it.

[Ashley] Tell me about it. What does it look like?

[Kalie] Well first of all I love the romantic traditional, like classic look. I’m also a huge fan of Joanna Gaines.

[Ashley] So this is going to be so gorgeous! Keep going!

[Kalie] I just love her style and I’m trying to incorporate Kalie into it as well. Plus, I love makeup. I did pageants. I love hair and I just want this beautiful place where girls not only have really great lighting but just a really great backdrop to be able to get ready and a lot of space and like a little mini bar and just create really timeless memories that can be recorded or photographed.

[Ashley] That’s such a good point! You don’t realize how much time you spend in that room getting ready. Guys, you have no idea.

[Jeremiah] Yeah, no. When we first started doing this she’s like well we need this! And I was like why”¦

[Ashley] I always reference my wedding, which was eons ago, but I remember that was one of the questions that I didn’t ask and then the morning of the wedding we all show up and I just remember it being like, “Oh wait wait where do I put my dress on?” It was not clear. And they put us in a classroom at the church, because it was a church in a K-8 grade school and they were like little tiny tables

[Kalie] And little tiny humans.

[Ashley] And then there’s the alphabet on the wall. It was so weird, because I didn’t even think of that and of course the photographer was there taking pictures, like I’m not going to use any of these pictures. And our dresses were hung on the sides of the whiteboards and it was one of those things that just slipped my mind. We don’t have any of those beautiful pictures of sitting and touching up. And just having a space… It’s kind of stressful, you’re all getting ready, and doing last minute touch ups, and buckling your shoes. It’s just nice to not be crowded and on top of each other. That’s a huge thing, just to start your day relaxed and not spending 10 minutes trying to find your lip gloss.

[Kalie] Right. And it kind of puts you in your own zone, too. It gets you in that headspace to get married, like everybody wants to be put in that great headspace where you’re just feel calm and relax, like everyone wants to feel on their wedding day. And really to focus on what’s important, like the girls that are surrounding you! Yeah I’m excited about it. We’ll have to do a whole reveal for that too!

[Ashley] Yes. And you’re not going to have the girls sitting on tiny little chairs. I remember sitting, like eating sandwiches and about to get my dress, and I’m tall – very tall – just sitting on this chair and my legs are just up. You guys it was horrible.

[Kalie] Oh I’m sure you made it look good though.

[Ashley] But it’s funny, because you think about it in the moment, there are things that stress you out. Brides, this is my advice for you. I joke about my wedding and I make fun of my wedding all the time, but it was beautiful and I wouldn’t change any part of it, but the things that stress you out the day of, the things that go wrong the day of, those are going to be your best stories. Those are going to be the things that you guys laugh about someday. So embrace those in the moment. Yes, in the moment they suck and it’s hard to get through it, but just know you’re gonna be able to laugh about it someday and you’re gonna get through it, I promise!

[Ashley] So what what other questions, what other pieces of advice, do you have when brides are touring?

[Kalie] Yes. The other one that I wrote down is something that you don’t really think of when you’re really excited and seeing a space for the first time, but parking.

So a great thing that barns have to offer is just a little more space and land usually. So parking is a great thing to have on a barn property. But yeah, just make sure that you know exactly where the cars are supposed to go and how even that would interfere with the backdrop of your ceremony.

[Jeremiah] We had to revamp a few things for just to get it so the background pictures didn’t have cars in it.

[Kalie] Well to be completely fair, we had soybeans on like a two or probably two thirds of our field. So we were moving around our actual crops! So we were like, I guess the parking is going to be here because we still have to harvest these soybeans. Temporary parking!

[Ashley] That’s a really good point, because you tour the space like, “Oh it’s beautiful! Every angle is a perfect backdrop.” But you don’t realize there’s probably gonna be at least 100 cars parked in this whole area. That’s a really good point. Something you don’t really think about.

[Kalie] Yeah I think that kind of sums up the list of the important things that stick out my mind as far as just what to ask. I’m sure there will always be other ones but those ones are ones that stick out in my mind, especially when I’m giving tours and showing people the space.

[Jeremiah] She gives all the tours.

[Ashley] You’re more the construction side.

[Jeremiah] I just build the stuff!

[Ashley] So you had mentioned earlier, with this big beautiful barn, how you have the capability to really make it your own and really bring in your personal style. What are some ways you think, with your space in particular, that a bride can go from one extreme to the other? I mean is it more with decor? Or is it more with floral? Up lighting? What kind of different things can we create with your space?

[Kalie] Yes. One of the biggest questions I get and I’m always confused by it, because to me it’s just like common sense, but I always get asked, “Are barn venues going to go out of style?” And to me, like our barn personally, it’s just completely authentic wood. So to me that’s just a timeless backdrop. It’s like a canvas that can be created into anything. It’s that perfect rustic atmosphere that you can really make your own no matter what you see fit. So what we’re doing, I’ll give a little bit of insight to basically how ours is really going to look.

[Jeremiah] Yeah I’d like to hear that! Go on”¦

[Kalie] I love the balance of something old and something new. Obviously, that’s a very trademark phrase in the bridal industry, but I love the rustic with the feminine. Flowers to me are some of the most naturally beautiful, elegant decor that you could add to a space. So in our wooded-cathedral-barn-loft, is what I can describe it as, I want to incorporate floral design and I really want the flowers in the wood to really balanced together and to complement each other. So to me that’s just a timeless look. You could ultimately add glassware, you could do candles, and vases, but really I feel like your style can come to life in a barn venue no matter what your style is because it’s really like a blank canvas that you can create. You can run sheer draping. If you’re more of a casual person, it’s perfect because it’s it can be casual. It can be very very elegant and it’s so versatile that I don’t ever see it going out of style, because you could really change the look just depending on what you’re ultimately going for. Without giving too much anxiety to him about what the decor is going to look like!

[Ashley] I totally agree with you. I’ve been in the wedding industry a very long time and I remember when the rise of the barn venue came out of nowhere and barns were the hottest thing and it was one of those things like, “Oh they’re not going to last. They’re not going to last.” Well let me tell you A. they’re still here and B. I don’t see them going anywhere. It’s such a unique space, and again you said it, you can really create your own style, your own feel, your own experience with these big beautiful blank canvases.

[Jeremiah] I think another reason why I don’t think they’ll ever really go out of style is for the fact of you look at the mass amounts of people who live in the metro area. How often do they take the excuse to get outside of it? Well if they have a lake cabin, then that might be the only time. But if all of a sudden you have a destination place to go to and get to be completely off the radar for just a little bit, and still have the bathrooms and the showers and all of the stuff you need. Why wouldn’t you take a weekend to go do something like that?! I think that’s kind of the ideal part of having a wedding away. Whether it’s at a hotel or a church or something, as long as it’s someplace that everybody is just able to unwind and enjoy it for what it is.

[Kalie] Transports you, like it’s your little escape.

[Jeremiah] Plus, we have some horses and fainting goats. That adds a bit too!

[Ashley] Oh my gosh. Okay, so while you’re saying that my brain is literally sitting here like, “Sam (audio engineer & Community Manager at Forever Bride), we need to do a Forever Bride field trip!” It’s going to be the entire weekend and we’re going to get food trucks and get some bands and we’re going to glamp all weekend!

[Jeremiah] Get you guys some side by sides. Do some trail riding.

[Ashley] Oh my gosh this would be a dream come true. It’s going to be a write off. I’ll get it all passed my business partners! It’s a write off. I mean we’ll blog about it. We’ll take some selfies. I think we need a full weekend of like food trucks and get all your buddies to come out. It’s research. And then I will come back to you guys, the listeners, with the results and let you know if it’s good or not. Very important.

[Ashley] So I mean you kind of covered it. My last question for you is the advantages of barn weddings. And I think you hit it perfectly, the additional parking and being able to completely transformed the space and all the different amenities. You guys have worked really hard on the construction to make sure this is not your typical barn.

[Kalie] Yes, I think you hit it right on the head. I think I’m speaking for both of us when I say, what you get – at least with our venue – is a personal connection. That more than anything, if a bride decides to book with us or not, I love just getting to hear different stories, making new friends, and I hope that’s what people find when they come and visit us – is just the ability to escape maybe for a little bit and to even see something different and to make new friends. And I really believe that that’ll be the heart of our venue, that it’s this all inclusive, really community supporting place, where people can feel comfortable, welcome, and hopefully find that connection in us and get to be a part of something bigger than themselves. A really giant legacy of history.

[Jeremiah] And we’re just getting her rolling! But that’s pretty much what we’re really wanting to hit it, just like that.

[Ashley] You guys are about right now knee deep in construction, when do you think that the construction is going to be complete and you’re going to cut the metaphorical red ribbon?

[Jeremiah] Overall complete or like wedding complete? Overall, It’s going to be like 10 years!

[Kalie] We’re gonna cut the tape this July. So that’s actually when our wedding is and a lot of it is going to be wrapped up hopefully, and with prayers, by then.

[Jeremiah] We are booked up throughout July on Saturdays, but we have ours. Ours is going to be the main kickoff of it. It’s exciting. It is like seven years in the making. Finally getting ready to roll.

[Kalie] It’s been a lot of hard work, that’s for sure, but it’ll be worth it.

[Ashley] So stepping back, I have a question for you, Kalie, as a bride, and you’re well into the planning process. What is like one piece of advice that you could share with brides? Maybe something you wish you knew sooner in the planning process or like you really realized that “this” is the most important thing when it comes to wedding planning?

[Kalie] Yes, probably the biggest token or theme, like the mantra, I would say I hold on to with our wedding planning is let everything have meaning to you, or to you as a couple, or to your family. At the beginning of this planning process I was getting overwhelmed by Pinterest and thinking that to be special it’s got to be this look or I’ve got to have this linen and I had to let that go, and of course that’s obviously important too, if that’s really what’s meaningful to you. But make sure everything has meaning. If you don’t want to shove cake in each other’s face, by all means don’t do it! If you don’t like to dance, don’t dance. Just make everything special to you. I’m going forward hoping that everything has a specific purpose in our wedding. If there is a tradition that you’re legitimately like, this sucks and I will hate my wedding because I have to do this, just don’t. It’s really a celebration about families coming together and, at least for us, as special and as meaningful and as connective as things can be.

[Jeremiah] I love it, because while you’re saying that the whole time in my mind I’m like, I just wanna hang out with my buddies.

[Kalie] See! But that is families coming together!

[Jeremiah] I am cool with however it rolls just so long as we’re all hanging out right. We could literally be out in a little field and as long as my buddies are there and everybody at the wedding that I want to be there, that’s what makes it so great.

[Kalie] We literally have someone coming from like every state. My entire bridal party is coming from a different state. Every single girl is coming from a different state. So there are a lot of families, a lot of people traveling to be here, so we want to make it a special thing.

[Ashley] So for the six grooms that are listening. Jeremiah, I am going to put you on the spot. What is one piece of advice you could give to grooms during the planning process?

[Jeremiah] Well I don’t know how your relationship is with your bride-to-be, but it’s still your once in a lifetime chance and the bride, that’s the most important thing, and when she was asking about the wedding dress”¦ like I don’t know, we have a budget. It’s not like I get to see it or have to pick anyways, so that’s your thing, you do that, you know just go with it. There’s a lot of things that I know are important to her that I could genuinely care less about. I think that a lot of grooms just don’t care, at least all my buddies. So as long as it doesn’t go outside of your budget. I really do believe that setting a budget is a proper way to move forward because then you can have your constructive criticism inside those realms. But if there is no budget to your wedding, then I guess you don’t have anything to care about and it might be easy, then you’re just like yeah whatever. Go ahead. But most people have to have a budget. And I think once you set that it’s a lot easier for the grooms as well, because then you’re able to just take it one step at a time and let it fall. And you know what, if we’re over budget then maybe pick back some of these. And most grooms and from my experience that every wedding I’ve been in, we just don’t really care. It’s like let’s just have fun and enjoy and get some nice cigars and whiskey. That’s what it ends up coming down to.

[Ashley] I think that is amazing advice and not just for the wedding but I think of this as the start of your relationship. This is the start of your marriage. There are going to be many major decisions that you two are going to have to work on over the years and and setting a budget, setting expectations, having that communication clear is going to prevent so many fights.

[Kalie] And I tell my brides that too. The wedding is important, but it’s more important to have a marriage after. So sometimes, we can lose sight too as brides where we’re just constantly under this stress of planning and making sure we have all the details correct. But really it’s about the marriage afterwards. So if we can keep that in mind then it kind of lets some of the little details that we might get hung up on, just you know let them go a little easier at least.

[Jeremiah] Because at the end of the day it’s about the marriage. So whether your budget is small or big you’re still going to have the end result the same. You know the people you care about are there with you for that day. So regardless of where it’s at, let it ride.

[Ashley] That’s awesome. Yeah wedding planning is marriage practice.

[Kalie] And construction sure is too!

[Ashley] You guys are incredible. I can’t wait for our couples to meet you and I want to just make sure that for those of you that are listening that want to follow them on Instagram their Instagram handle is @Stone.Hill.Farm or you can follow them on Facebook and it’s under @StoneHillFarmVenue and we’ll also have links on our podcast page. So thank you guys so much for being here. This was wonderful.

Jeremiah – Facebook @jeremiahjameskorfe & Insta @jeremiahjameskorfe

[Kalie & Jeremiah] Thank you so much for having us. This was amazing.

[Ashley] And thank you guys for listening. This is Ashley Hawks with Forever Bride.