What Do You Want to Remember From Your Wedding 20 Years From Now?

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About our Guest:

 Hi! I’m Rohana.

I’m a legacy wedding photographer and fine art portrait photographer based out of Duluth, MN. 

When I’m not tearing up during wedding vows, or having endless belly laughs with my family’s,  you’ll find me drinking coffee with a surprise of fruit snacks from daughter, dancing in the kitchen with my husband, or adventuring with my little family.  

I’m a photographer, educator, and encourager with a heart of spreading more kindness into the world. 

How to manage wedding information:

Brides – when planning your wedding there is so much information out there that sometimes you can get bombarded and start to feel overwhelmed. Keeping up with trends, meeting everyone’s expectations, that sometimes the Why behind your wedding gets lost. At the end of the day, you are marrying your best friend, the love of your life. 

When just starting out the wedding planning process, take time to sit down with your fiancé and think about what really matters in 20 years when you are sitting together paging through your wedding album.

Do you want to remember how you wore your grandmother’s earrings, or that you used scraps of your mother’s wedding dress in the ribbon of your bouquet? Do you want to remember all the friends and family surrounding you on your wedding day? Or how your sister gave an epic speech and filled the room with joy and laughter? 

How do you make that vision a reality when working with your wedding photographer? 

First off, write out what is truly important to the two of you and keep that list handy when you start your search for a wedding photographer. Reach out to your friends or family members that are married and had an incredible experience and ask for referrals. Then make sure you love that photographer’s work. You want your images to be classic and timeless that showcase all the emotions. To really achieve this you want to find a wedding photographer who you feel like you’ve known your whole life. That when they are there on the wedding day they feel like a friend or even family. This means building a relationship over the engagement period that’ll produce stunning images and captures everything that’s important to the two of you.

How do you communicate with your vendors about your vision and what you want to remember about your wedding day?

Strong communication with your wedding photographer is key. Tell them what is truly important to you. This could be just focusing on epic portraits of the two of you or making sure to get a dancing photo of you and your grandpa. Or all your friends who’ve traveled to celebrate your wedding with you or that you want a lot of candids. Then when talking with your wedding photographer ask to see full galleries, what is their style of photographing on wedding days, and making sure to make a connection with them. 

Closing Thoughts:

There is so much to wedding planning and once the day is done, your wedding photographs are the tangibles that you have left. Make sure to find a wedding photographer who’ll capture what you value most so that you can look back on your wedding day in 20 years, hand in hand with the love of your life, as you reminisce and page through your wedding album together.

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What Do You Want to Remember From Your Wedding 20 Years From Now?