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Including: Proposals, Engagement Photos/Parties, Bridal Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, Honeymoons, Anniversary Shoots


That relate to: Advice, DIY Projects, Planning, Marriage, Finance, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Trends


Including but not limited to: Sales/Promotions, Giveaway, Trunk Show, Open House, Fundraiser, Grand Opening, Wedding Fair, Networking Event, Seminar


2-70 high quality, unwatermarked photos

  • All photos (both landscape and portrait) must be at least 900px wide
  • Must be properly renamed (ex. Photo_097.jpg → bridegettingready.jpg)
  • Must be delivered via Dropbox link

Include links to any vendors in the piece


For Real Weddings:
How did the bridge and groom meet? Get engaged? What made the wedding special? Highlights? Brides favorite moment? Advice to future brides? Songs that were played? Etc.

For Styled Shoots:
What was the inspiration behind the day? What special touches were used? Favorite moments? Etc.

For Blogs:
Write in a conversational, friendly tone that flows naturally (no essay or “sales-y” pieces). Have a topic with a clear purpose and direction. Aim for around 2,000 words. Short paragraphs or lists are easy on the eye. Your content must be 100% original.
*We ask for a 90 day exclusivity from your publication date to when you submit to another magazine or blog

For Events:
Include date, time, location, description, a link to where the reader can get more information or purchase tickets, etc.

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