Trend Report: Birch Ring Box for Your Man

Ashley’s Trend Report: Birch Boxes

Can we give a quick standing ovation to the team over at Manly Bands!? These new birch ring boxes have found a special spot in my heart and home like no other.

Brides often purchase Manly’s birch box to use during their wedding ceremony. It adds extra beauty to the special day. And another great part is––even after your wedding you’ll always have great use for it!

For example, I’ve been married for 9 years and just got one for my husband! Here’s why I personally love it:

Like most of us wives, I have found his ring box laying around the house plenty of times over the years.. 9 years, 2 months, and 29 days to be exact, but who’s counting? And do you want to know where I find it? The junk drawer in our kitchen, the sock drawer, once in the washing machine, and once in the dog’s water dish (although that one I blame on our toddler).

But now, because of Manly Bands, I have found an answer to my problem!

Something totally unique and beautiful to display in our home that reminds us of our special day. It’s a beautiful box to have at your wedding ceremony and a gorgeous keepsake for the rest of your life!

Order yours now and get the perfect gift for your hubby, fiancé, boyfriend, or even dad, grandpa or brother this Christmas.

And for those that are newly engaged, be sure to get yours in time for your wedding. These will be a stunning touch in your ring shots!

Forever Bride Deal:
Use code ‘FOREVER15’ for 15% off which will be good through December 15th!

The promo code only includes Manly Bands and does not apply to the Manly Birch Box.

Visit our Instagram page to win a birch box!




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Trend Report: Birch Ring Box for Your Man