Trend Report: Botox

Ashley’s Trend Report: Beautox Bar

The 3 Truths About Botox:

1) We are all getting older
Aging is a part of life. Laugh lines, crows feet, you name it. You are not alone in the struggle! But don’t let those insecurities weigh you down. Get botox!! The ladies at Beautox Bar are AMAZING. They are knowledgeable, patient, and so so so kind. You won’t regret it.

2) Hydration is important!!!
One of our office mottos is “hydrate or die” because what would we do without water?! It seems to be the cure all for most things. But did you know when you hit the big 3-0 your face stops producing some big fancy chemical (which basically means water), so no matter how much water you drink, you are still losing the suppleness & elasticity in your face.

3) Botox isn’t just for celebrities
But let me just say, YOU ARE A CELEBRITY. You are awesome and life is your runway so walk tall girl!!!! Don’t feel weird, you’d be surprised how many people are getting work done at the Beautox Bar. And I’m not just talking about a natural face lift or lip injections, but they do B12 energy boosts, injections to reduce sweating, face peels, Kybella, hair restoration, and so much more! And at Beautox Bar they have made it simple & affordable for you. So get in there soon, they are filling up quick this holiday season!

Sign-up as a Forever Bride here and receive$40 off 20 Units or more of Botox at the Beautox Bar. Details HERE.

Learn more about botox & decide if it’s right for you in this Botox for Bridesblog post.





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Trend Report: Botox