Trend Report: Colored Wedding Dress Ideas for the Offbeat Bride

Ashley’s Trend Report: Colored Wedding Dress Ideas for the Offbeat Bride

Have any of you brides-to-be been dress shopping yet?! If so, you probably are already well aware of
this week’s trend, if not, I’m so excited to share some nontraditional wedding dress ideas! I’ve been
keeping an eye on all of the Spring 2018 dress lines and I’m loving how many designers are breaking the mold and adding colors, patterns, and textures into their dresses.


After all, white wedding dresses have been around and popular for 200 years! So it totally makes sense that designers are coming out with beautiful colored bridal dresses nowadays. That’s why this week I want to share ideas that are more in line to pre- Queen Victoria’s fashion statement, not sure what I’m referring to? Check out the Wedding Traditions + Where They Come From blog post, and here’s a hint, white dresses weren’t always the crowd favorite.


If you already have your dress and it’s white or ivory, don’t get me wrong, it’s so classic and you will look amazing. And trust me, I was a bride who had my heart set on wearing white. But what if you want to take a different route? Have you ever asked yourself, can the bride wear black? I say go for it! And so do the experts! Similarly to last week’s trend report, I reached out to our bridal shops and asked them, do you have to wear white as a bride? They all said no! It’s more about how the bride wants to express herself.


Keisha of Finley Florence Bridal summarized it perfectly, “Adding color into a wedding gown is a must trend these days.” You guys! There are so many routes you can go! Some of the most popular colors that I see time and time again are champagne, Moscato, blush, café and darker colors such as sand and maple.


One of my favorite ways I’ve seen brides add color to their wedding dress is by incorporating one of the colors from their wedding pallet. Most commonly, I’ve seen brides go with a shade of blush or pick a dress with neutral undertones. I will never forget this picture I saw of a bride wearing a blush skirt and her bridesmaids in pink dresses, it tied together so nicely! Another way to add wedding pallet colors to your bridal attire is if you’re getting married on a beach or in a rustic setting with a lot of brown hues. It’s gorgeous when a bride incorporates almond, maple, or café latte in their bridal gown.

Speaking of blush pink incorporated into a wedding dress, Deborah of Beauty by Design created a custom wedding dress with a sparkly blush tulle!!!! Sparkly. Blush. Tulle. Is it just me, or are you thinking of a real life bridal ballerina right now?! But in all seriousness, I love how Deborah describes the process and end product of working with a bride for a custom gown, “I took the time to research different options of blush”¦I love how the blush tulle over the white satin keeps it looking bridal and gives it dimension.” Can she make me a custom gown?!


Not really feeling color? Try something beaded or embroidered. I love the look this real bride went with her gown. Her look was mostly classic, as she chose to wear an ivory dress, but the colorful beaded details really make it unique and let her personality shine through. If you read halfway through the blog post you’ll see how magical her dress is when her new hubby gives her a twirl!


Mara of Mara Marie Bridal agrees, she said going with a nontraditional wedding dress is “truly a way for brides to showcase their personality on their wedding day in a more personal way than in their flowers or invitations. More and more brides are opting for colored gowns, which is wonderful because you know they are being true to themselves and that’s all anyone could want for a bride on her wedding day.” I couldn’t agree with Mara more!

Did you know Mara can make your custom colored bridal dress dreams come true?! Just look at this gorgeous silver wedding dress that she did for the bride above. I’m sure this offbeat traditional gown really wowed the guests when she walked down the aisle!


I was so excited to learn that not only can you custom make a colored wedding gown, you can also head to Forever Bride partner, Effie’s Bridal Trunk, and find pink dresses, “platinum” dresses, and gold. If you’re looking for a way to get a three-dimensional effect, you can go with one of their several dresses that have a “coffee with cream” color underskirt, it’s such a hot new trend that will definitely be around for a while!


Another way to answer, “heck no”, the question, do you have to wear white as a bride, is to add a soft watercolor design to your dress. They’ve really made a scene in the wedding industry over the past couple of years and are just now streaming into the actual gowns. It’s that and floral everything nowadays, even your dress! Have you seen one? I love them!


As if I haven’t already convinced you to at least try one of these colored, floral or embellished dresses, another reason this look is becoming so popular is because colors like champagne, café, and embellished designs lend themselves naturally to the vintage or boho look that is everywhere. You can even kill two birds with one stone like this bride in our Something Blue with Dainty Obsessions styled shoot by going with a boho lace blue dress! I love this creative approach on getting your “something blue” checked off the list!

I can’t wait to learn how many of our Forever Brides end up going with a nontraditional gown! Make sure you sign-up to become a Forever Bride so you can get awesome deals on your colored wedding gown!

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Trend Report: Colored Wedding Dress Ideas for the Offbeat Bride