Trend Report: Floral Ties & Bow Ties

Ashley’s Trend Report: Floral Ties & Bow Ties

I’d be remiss if every week I only provided brides with different trends when we all know the men in our lives are the ones that usually need the most advice. Am I right, or am I right?!

That’s why this week, I wanted to share tips on how to sway your man to think past a black suit and tie for their wedding day look. I’ve started to see a trend of colored suits from cream to blue to burgundy and even patterned, like in this California cost inspired styled shoot.

Menswear really has come a long way, and there are so many fun options beyond the traditional black suit and tie (not that there’s anything wrong with going with this classic look)!

But if your man would rather stay more conservative than the bold checkered look, let his tie speak up!

*P.S. We’re giving away a floral tie to a lucky winner! Keep reading to learn how to enter!





Think about it, when you’re browsing through inspirational pins of grooms wear on Pinterest, or obsessing over one of your besties close-up wedding photos, what is the first thing you notice about a man?

Okay yes, it might be his face and that pearly white smile or the way he’s looking at the love of his life”¦but what is the next thing? His tie!


Step one, don’t overthink it. Let him pick out something that expresses him. That is what truly makes it special. But, you may need to guide him.

Try something floral or sentimental. The tie or bow tie he wears doesn’t have to match his shoes, belt, or socks. The fashion “rules” of menswear are breaking down.

Keep scrolling to see men in floral ties and you will know exactly what I mean.


Lately, I’ve been loving floral pattern on ties.

Are you getting married in fall or winter and thinking this trend can’t apply to you? Leave those thoughts at the door! There are so many ways to pull off floral throughout every season.

One look at this beautiful snowy picture and you winter wedding brides will demand to have your man outfitted with a floral tie.

Obsessed? Check out more winter floral goodies in our Modern Winter Elopement blog post.


You can try the floral tie out with: a light blue suit with a beige floral tie (great for summer and spring weddings!); black blazer with a light blue dress shirt and a navy floral tie; or a tan suit, white shirt, and a blush floral tie.

Honestly, the combinations are endless and it is so fun to mix and match!


I love this trend so much I asked my husband what he thought of it, and he was on the fence at first and voiced concern over this trend going out of style. Not really what I wanted to hear, but like all most things wedding related, your man’s opinion does matter! So, I wanted to be sure to include his opinion and share a few unique ways to open your man’s mind a little.

If he is like my husband, and is not 100% convinced, have him wear a floral tie for engagement pictures. Or, have your little ring bearer rock this fun look – they’ll think you’re the coolest!


Really not feeling the floral trend? Instead, go for something sentimental like your grandfather’s tie.

Even if it’s not something that others will dramatically notice, wearing a family member’s tie is something you can look back on and get the warm & fuzzies 20, 30, or even 40 years down the road when you open your wedding photos.

I also love the sentimental touch of handing down your wedding tie to a future son!


There are only a few things that I strongly recommend you steer clear of when switching up a traditional tie or bow tie look.

First, I’m not in love with the goofy and the outrageous ones. It may be great for a few photos, and it may remind you of an inside joke you and your hunny share, but make sure it’s not in all of your wedding photos. You’ll thank me later.


The other watch-out is polka dot ties. Unless they are very small, like this Zac Efron look alike”¦but even then, be careful! This may cause your photos to look too busy.

One way to pull this look off, is if you’re going for a more casual wedding and your man isn’t wearing a jacket, then the polka dot is a knockout!


This little detail of a floral tie or sentimental bow tie will stand out and add a little life to your man’s outfit, pictures, and maybe even your big day!

You always hear the saying “it’s the little things that matter most” …right?

So why has the wedding industry taking this long for ties to get so dang cute!! I can’t answer that one, but I can tell you to reach out to our Forever Bride Suits & Tuxedo partners to ask them how you can incorporate this trend into your wedding day!

Looking for more inspo, support, or have questions?

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P.S. Want to win a floral tie?! It’s your lucky day! We partnered with Bill’s Toggery to give a lucky winner one! Enter on this Instagram post. Good luck!

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Trend Report: Floral Ties & Bow Ties