Trend Report: Fuller Lashes with Lash Boost

Ashley’s Trend Report: Lash Boost

If you have ever met me, or even if you’ve just seen a photo of me, you know I LOVE eyelashes. I wear fake eyelashes almost everyday. I have started a complete “regimen.” (It includes quarterly facials and other self-care rituals!)

Despite having thick, wavy, brown hair, my eyelashes have always been very light, thin, and stick-straight. Super counterintuitive, right?! I’ve tried everything under the sun, and I mean everything to try to give myself better lashes. Even after using an eyelash curler, they still straighten completely flat.


I am one of those people, who without eye-makeup: people ask if I am feeling ok, or if I am sick. (Geez, do I really look that weird without some liner and lashes?!) I’m sure many of you can relate! Honestly, there’s nothing worse than someone calling you out for not doing your makeup like you usually do.

To get my eyelashes to even slightly curl, I hold my curler on my actual curling iron for about 5 seconds, then curl my lashes. The lengths I go to is a bit crazy I know, but it’s the only thing that works!


To give you more insight into my quest for lush lashes, in the past I have:
Tinted my lashes
PERMED my lashes (yes you heard right, I have had my lashes permed, with a tiny roller and perm solution – super cute idea, but not great long lasting results)
Lash extensions
Cheap versions of Latisse from Bed Bath & Beyond

And anything & everything else I could try. I mean I was desperate! Like I said, it’s not a compliment (in fact it totally ruins my day) when people ask me if something is wrong when I don’t have my lashes on. And if I could, I’d have a great make-up artist like Jillian Maria on call every day to help me out!


Honestly, I had given up on most lash products, and was going “au-natural” with some glue-on strips everyday. Which can get so annoying and time consuming! Anybody else totally with me? If you are, keep reading because boy oh boy do I have a great idea on how you too can get out of the rut of putting on lashes every day! And for more make-up tips, read this blog!


Have you heard whispers in your friends group about what some have dubbed a “magic” product, Lash Boost!? I had, and I was honestly skeptical. Lash Boost was given to me as a gift from a friend who just started working with Rodan + Fields. I had heard of the brand, heard talk about the awesome products they sold, but assumed their products were similar to others in the industry that I had tried in the past.

To show my support (& see if it really worked) I decided to take a “before” photo. I had no plans of ever sharing this photo because I honestly thought that the people whose pictures these consultants used were the one in a million were the product actually worked. I never thought I’d be someone to actually get results.

Within my first week, I was pleasantly surprised to not have any redness or irritation like I have experienced in the past with other products. In fact, I didn’t have any complaints about it at all! It was quite the opposite, as time went on, I noticed a change!


1. Remove all your makeup and wash your face. Your skin should be clean and dry prior to use.

2. Apply the serum along the upper lash line of each eye. One dip of serum per eye.

3. Gently remove any excess serum from your lid or lashes.

4. Wait for the serum to completely dry, approximately 90 seconds.


I noticed that Lash Boost only works if I used it consistently. I’m not one of those girls with a night-time-skin-care routine, so sometimes I would forget. Sometimes for a whole week, oops! It wasn’t until I used it EVERY SINGLE night that I started seeing results. But the results were INCREDIBLE. This picture does not do my lashes justice AT ALL. Believe me when I say this, my lashes look and feel so much healthier and fuller.


But that’s not all, I read online that it works well on brows, too, and since mine are thinning in my 30’s, I also decided that I wanted to try a little Lash Boost on my eyebrows and I love it!

Take it from me ladies, a once skeptic turned believer! Seriously, my lashes are thicker, significantly longer, and hold a curl better than ever. But most impressive to me, is my eyebrows! They’re thicker, darker, and even growing back on the ends that had been receding. Talk about a product that gives you a win-win!

I 100% recommend Lash Boost!!! It could be another great gift for brides! This product will now be a permanent staple in my beauty-routine. And I can see why everyone is in love with it!

If you are wondering how to get one, talk to my girl, Megan at Rodan + Fields! Megan is the best and will give you the hook up for mentioning this blog or Forever Bride!

Finally, we want you to save BIG on your dream wedding. From the big things, like your reception venue, to the little things, like your Lash Boost and other fun accessories. So sign up now and start shopping the best local wedding vendors and their amazing Forever Bride deals! PLUS, we are doing a giveaway of one Lash Boost. So head over to Instagram to enter!

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Trend Report: Fuller Lashes with Lash Boost