Trend Report: Non Diamond Engagement Rings

Ashley’s Trend Report: Non-Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re a hopeful bride-to-be reading our weekly trend reports (don’t be ashamed, I totally searched for so much wedding inspo & read numerous magazines months before ever getting a ring myself) this week’s trend report is tailored to you! From the red carpet on Halle Berry to your neighborhood jewelers, non-diamond engagement rings are appearing everywhere.


I love, love, love this trend! Not only has it been around for a while (and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon), it also has two amazing reasons for you to jump on board: money & meaning.


Let’s tackle one of the main reasons brides end up going this route: to save money. Gem stones are often rare, but less expensive than diamonds. Counterintuitive, right?! But still true! One of my favorite ways to still get a classic engagement ring look, but have a rare ring, is to go with a white sapphire! What’s crazy is they’re usually cheaper than blue sapphires, but even more unique. Other alternative stones I’m crushing on lately are quartz, rubies and morganites!


Another way to not break-the-bank, but get a gorgeous engagement ring is to go for a man-made diamond. These are popping up everywhere and can be up to 30% cheaper than a real diamond, and the best part, they look the exact same! Not only are they less expensive, they also eliminate the chances of violating human-rights, child labor, and destroying the environment by mining methods.


The second reason I love the idea of a non-diamond engagement ring is the meaning behind many gemstones. Going this route can really SAY something, checkout these meanings:

Agate: truth, protection, strength
Apatite: communication, and the blending of the old and the new
Aquamarine: courage to overcome fears, protection on journeys
Blue topaz: courage to overcome fears and obstacles “” associated with fidelity, friendship, gentleness, and integrity
Garnet: passionate commitment and devotion
Onyx: thought to deflect the negativity of others “” associated with determination and perseverance
Opal: love, passion, lightness, inspiration, creativity, and spontaneity
Rose quartz: gentle love, peace, and calm “” associated with the removal of negativity and the healing of emotional wounds
Ruby: friendship, fire, love, royalty, happiness, the opening of the heart
Turquoise: friendship “” associated with nature (the blue sky and green earth)



Whether you’re hoping to save money or you’d love your ring to symbolize how you and your honey are creative and spontaneous (please tell me you’re researching an opal engagement ring if this is so you!), be sure to check out our Forever Bride Engagement Ring vendors who can help you get your dream ring! Planning on being engaged soon and wanting to stay on-top of Minnesota vendors & bridal industry trends? Become a Forever Bride by signing up here!

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Trend Report: Non Diamond Engagement Rings