Find THE Dress in Less than a Day


If you’re recently engaged, you have most likely been asked “have you found your dress?!?!” 1,000 times already.

Well, have you?

If not, and if the idea of dress shopping gives you a panic attack, then I have some soothing advice for you!

Window Shop Online

AKA look up all sorts of dress shops, ranging from consignment to couture. Browse their dresses and see what stands out to you.

Begin browsing local wedding dress shops.

Plan a Day

Grab you mom, aunts, bridesmaids, or whoever and get a date set!Honestly, this can be the biggest battle. To make the day more memorable, go out to breakfast before hand or do something non-wedding related. This will clear your head and provide a good opportunity to bond during this busy season.


Okay, don’t turn away now classic brides. I mean go to a BIG bridal shop with a wide selection. Going to a shop like this will allow you to try on all styles of dresses. And trying on every style is strongly encouraged, because you may be surprised at what looks best on your body.

Also, bring pictures of the dresses you found online! This will help your stylist find the right dresses for you.

Now Go Little

If you didn’t say yes to the dress at the first store (which you probably won’t), find a small dress shop that specializes in the style of dress that you like. Make sure you consider the average price of dresses at this shop before booking your appointment! If you mean business, you don’t want to get your hopes up at the most expensive boutique in town.

Trust Your Gut

Once you put on a dress, go with what your gut tells you the second you look in the mirror. If you don’t fall in love, don’t buy it, no matter how beautiful your grandma tells you that you look.

Still haven’t found your dress? Keep looking and bespecific about where you go. If you invite the whole crew to the first round of shopping and you felt completely overwhelmed, try going again with less people. Choose guests that you TRUST their opinion.

Comment below with more tips and tricks to finding the perfect wedding dress!

Start browsing local wedding dress shops.

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Find THE Dress in Less than a Day