Four Ways to Appreciate Him

While planning a wedding, a bride to be can easily become busy and extremely distracted due to all of the planning and thought processing. However, a bride to be should never leave her fiancé out in the dust and forget that this big day is about him as well!

Here are 4 ways to make sure your fiancé knows that they are loved even during stressors of wedding planning.

1. Hear His Opinion

Believe it or not most men of 2016 are actually very interested in being a part of the wedding planning. Unfortunately, due to society, most men keep quiet because they don’t want to stir up trouble or become an inconvenience to their bride. However, if given the opportunity, they will typically open up and share their ideas, and opinions on the plans. To really reach to your future husband, listen to him and honestly ask him for his ideas and thoughts. Just simply allowing him to be heard will show him some extra love.


2. Keep Date Night a Thing

Yes, your schedules are busy and now you’re booking times to meet with vendors. But at the end of the day, your future hubby should always take priority. Make sure you keep date nights consistently happening for not only does it give the two of you a chance to really be alone and focus on one another, but it shows your man that he is a priority and you would rather spend time with him instead of being busy with other people and things. Remember date night does NOT need to be fancy, it could simply be a movie night cuddled on the couch with some pizza, or even a night of quiet time just talking late into the night. Date night doesn’t mean you have to spend money, just spending time with the person you love.


3. Tell Him

Sounds so simple, but that is because it is. Studies have shown that men truly do respond best to words of affirmation. Therefore, why not let him know how much he means to you, and explain to him why you are excited to get married. He will soon be your other half, your “go to” person for anything, tell him that! I mean, who doesn’t want to hear how much they are appreciated and loved? Want to go the extra mile, write him a letter. Long handwritten letters are a powerful expression of love. (Pro-tip – send it in the mail, he will never expect it!).


4. Give a Little Gift

I do not mean go out and buy him gifts. I mean sit down and think of something that you could do to help him out, or show your appreciation. For example, My hubby and I love food, eating out is such a treat, but sometimes not logical. To show him my appreciation, I sometimes will cook him a fun and delicious meal, so when he comes home from work, there will be a hot plate full of food ready for him to eat. However, cooking doesn’t always have to be the answer. You could wash his car (since it is his baby) or bring home a redbox movie that he has been dying to see. You may fall asleep but just being there while he watches it, will mean a lot to him.


It is the little things that will show him you appreciate and love him even during the craziness of planning your wedding.

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Four Ways to Appreciate Him