Start Your New Life With A Few Traditions

Two Traditions:

The love you have for one another is a special and unique bond that can never be broken. There is a reason that the two of you have committed to spending the rest of your lives together. All of the decesions and forks in the road, has led you to walking down the aisle to say “I do” to the man that will soon be your husband! Before you know it, you will be newlyweds and thrown into the game of life! No matter what trials or struggles may come into your marriage, it is important to have some great traditions to help ease the new reality of your life together.

1. Everyone has a story:

For example, where did you first meet your man? I find it very helpful to incorporate how and where you met into your relationship to help you remember that “cloud nine” feeling you had when you first met your guy! Go to the first restaurant you ever went to together. Sit in the same booth, order the same meal. It will be fun to reflect on the path that you took that led you to your fiance!

2. Go for a ride:

I always love when my husband and I drive into the town where we first met. When we got married we moved to a different city. It’s not too far away from where we met, so when we do drive into the town where we met, all of the memories of our dating world comes back to me!

I am sure that through the years the two of you will begin to form many traditions that you will cherish forever!

Start Your New Life With A Few Traditions

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Start Your New Life With A Few Traditions