Stressed to Blessed

So when you stumble upon this post, I will first warn you…I am not a certified therapist, counselor, or any kind of PHD. What I AM, is a happily married wife. I have things that I would like to blog about, so here they are!

So, you are getting married, how exciting! This is most every woman’s dream come true! We spend our lives waiting for those four simple words: “Will you marry me?” So, how did you react when your man asked you this question?

I always wondered how I would react. I was overcome with such emotion, joy, relief, and contentment. Tears of joy poured out and I was laughing and crying and yelping for joy! I was actually surprised that I reacted that way, but when your dream becomes a reality, I suppose you never really know how you will react. I believe that it is important to relive those feeling and emotions that overcame you frequently. I mean, this was a moment that was yours to claim forever! Time stood still, the world watched as you became the leading actress in your very own motion picture epic! The man of your dreams, got down on his knee and asked you, the one and only you, to marry him!

Now, remind yourself of that everyday and tell me if the little things that he does still bugs you as much. So, now that the ring is on your finger, the planning of your fairytale wedding can begin! Or for most women, they have already spent most of their free time obsessing over their big day. Getting married will become one of your favorite short term hobbies!

If you have found it difficult to communicate with your now fiance, I suggest you learn when he is most receptive and open to “chit chatting.” I am sure that you have figured this out already, that most men don’t like to have their ear talked off. That is why we have our girlfriends to chat with. But when it comes to planning your wedding, I know that you want as much input from your fiance as possible. After all, it is his big day too! For me, it was difficult to hold back and not talk to him every minute about our wedding. If you really want to get his advice on something regarding the wedding, make sure that he has had time to unwind from the day. Your patience will pay off and I am sure he will end up talking to you even longer if you wait for the right timing. I have learned this through the years that timing is key!

Over the next months, or years, depending on how long your engagement will be, you will find that you can chose to get stressed or blessed. Meaning, that some women consider wedding planning a serious undertaking, while others realize that this is a once in a lifetime event that should not cause stress but should be a time of joy. I realize that there will be parts that can be stressful. But just be sure to remember why you are getting married in the first place. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the materialism of a wedding.

Do not become a “bridezilla.” Be as calm and peaceful through the experience and enjoy each up and down as it comes!

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Stressed to Blessed