Beauty Prep Tips From a MN Wedding Professional

Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Kelly DeVinny. I am a seasoned hair stylist and makeup artist entering into my 16th year of beautifying brides and bridal parties in the Twin Cities. I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of lovely brides. Some I’ve met on my own and others I’ve worked with through onsite hair and makeup agencies like Primped. No matter how the weddings get booked, it is always an honor to be present on such an important day in a persons life. I am blessed to say I absolutely love what I do.

The amazing, love filled energy that surrounds the bride on the morning of a wedding is so beautiful and truly addicting! Over the years I have had a lot of experience working with all types of brides, mothers of the bride, mothers of the groom, take charge bridesmaids, unreliable bridesmaids, and every personality in between. While every wedding is different and special there are a few common questions I get asked. People always want to know “What is the worst thing that has happened on a wedding day?” or “Have you ever dealt with a bridezilla?!” Everyone wants to hear the horror stories and about all the things that have gone wrong. And while I have yet to experience the level of “bridezilla” we see portrayed on reality TV these days, I have unfortunately witnessed more than my fair share of wedding day mishaps. While I can (and will!) share some of the horrible things that can and have gone wrong, I will offer some “tips of the trade” to help you ensure your big day goes absolutely right!

How to avoid wedding prep fails:

1. Hair removal.

Eyebrow and lip waxing is a common practice for wedding preparation. Unfortunately, I have worked with brides who have suffered with burnt skin around their eyebrows or lips due to improper waxing. Wax can get too hot and when removing the hair, it can take the top layer of skin off right along with it. Which leaves a not so pretty sore on the skin. This is incredibly tough to cover as makeup doesn’t adhere to a wound or scab very well. So a word for the wise, make sure any pre-wedding waxing takes place at least a week or two prior to the big day and ALWAYS visit a reputable esthetician.

2. Haircuts

Brides are often tempted to get a pre wedding haircut. And while this isn’t always a no-no, budget conscious brides may choose to save on a haircut the week of the wedding and go somewhere a little less expensive to save on costs, because hey, weddings are expensive! However, that Groupon haircut or online coupon code for the Haircut Supercenter are a pre-wedding Don’t! All too often I get a frantic email following these appointments. The brides hair is now too short to pin up, they have bangs they may not have wanted, or layers that are too short to style, and now the frazzled bride is scrambling to find hairpieces to replace lost length. Extensions and hairpieces can be very expensive, and will cost a lot more than sticking with your trusted stylist for a routine clean up. So avoid the Groupon deals and budget appropriately for your pre-wedding haircut. Or better yet, get a new haircut AFTER the nuptials.

3. Spray tans

Brides and bridesmaids often want that summer glow, and choose to get a spray tan the week of the wedding. And I get it! Who doesn’t want to look like a bronzed goddess?! Spray tan services are a skin safe way to enjoy that perfect sunny glow. However, it is always best to try these tanning services far in advance to see how your skin reacts to the tanning solution and to test the different spray tan methods to choose what is right for you. Nobody wants to look back at their wedding photos and realize they looked less like a happy goddess and more like a smiling Cheeto.

4. Eyebrows

The number one wedding prep fail I still come back to again and again, one of the very worst situations I have seen to date, and the one that still stands out in my mind and tops my the list of wedding day horror stories, is the bride who spent the morning of her wedding in the Emergency Room because she decided, the day before her wedding!, to dye her eyebrows. Seems harmless enough right? You would think. Unfortunately this bride was unknowingly allergic to something in the coloring agent which caused a SEVERE allergic reaction. We are talking major facial swelling. Eyes swollen shut. Puffy cheeks. Not a good look and not something we could fix with makeup. This poor bride ended up on steroids and antihistamines just so she could make it down the aisle. Probably not the fairytale day she had planned and worked so hard for.


As I write this and remember some beauty attempts gone wrong, it makes me shudder a little. Okay, a lot. I’m sure you are shuddering a bit as well. A wedding is likely one of the biggest and most expensive days of a persons life. A day you have dreamed of, planned on, and sacrificed for. A day to be spent in love and laughter, not in the Emergency Room! This is not a day to suffer with burnt skin or orange arms! I share that story and these tips to help you avoid similar pitfalls, and to help you not be on anyones list of wedding day fails.

1. First and foremost: Don’t try any new beauty services the week leading up to your wedding. Try to schedule any haircuts, coloring or waxing with plenty of time to remedy a bad service if needed. I would also recommend sticking with your regular stylist for these services if you are able. If you don’t have a trusted stylist, get a recommendation from a close friend or family member.

2. If you are wanting to try a new facial service or skin treatment, go to a reputable place and try it months before the big day so you know how your skin will react. Also, be sure to communicate with your esthetician about the big day coming up, they will likely have a product regimen to get your skin in glowing shape.

3. Always schedule a practice run of your hair and makeup. This is one area brides may be tempted to save money, but I promise you, it is money well spent. I personally recommend doing this 6-8 weeks before the wedding day. By this time you likely have your dress picked out and have narrowed it down to a few hairstyles and makeup looks. Think of this practice run as a job interview for your stylist. Ask questions, and get to know your artist. This special time allows you to try out hair style ideas, as well as decide on any hair pieces and veil placement. It also gives you an opportunity to get to know the person you will be spending a good portion of your wedding morning with. And don’t forget to share with your stylist any makeup or product sensitivities you may have! To prepare for your pre-wedding trial you should create a Pinterest or inspiration board to share with your bridal stylist at your practice. We like it, I promise! This helps to give us a really solid understanding of the look you are hoping to achieve. Also, plan to share a photo or two of how you look everyday, as you will likely arrive with clean, makeup free skin the day of your practice run. It can also be helpful to share a photo of yourself when you felt beautiful and loved your hair and/or makeup. Ask your bridal stylist if you will need to pick up any touch up products for your wedding day. You may need a lip gloss, or blotting papers if you tend to get oily. Take notes of the products or a photo of the touch up colors so you can easily find them at the cosmetic store.


4. The night before your wedding it is tempting to have a few alcoholic beverages. Avoid this if you can. The best thing you can do to prepare your skin for the wedding day is to HYDRATE with plenty of water. Not only the night before but in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Alcohol is known to dehydrate your skin, and can cause under eye puffiness or facial redness. The morning of your wedding apply your moisturizer but avoid anything with an SPF higher than 20 as it can cause your face reflect lighter in your photographs. Also, don’t believe the dirty hair myth. I assure you, your stylist does not want you to arrive with dirty, unwashed hair. Clean hair is usually best. We have an arsenal of volumizing and texturing products to help us achieve just the right amount of grip we need for your style to stay put all day.”¨ Have your stylist properly place your veil and show a bridesmaid or attendant how to remove it, if it isn’t staying in the hair all day. Your stylist worked hard at creating a beautiful hairstyle for you, and it would be awful to crush your volume or wreck that masterpiece with improper veil placement.

5. One of the most important tips I can offer you is to speak up! Your hair stylist and makeup artist want you to look and feel your absolute best! They are professionals, and a great stylist will listen to your requests and any tweaks you want to make. Working together and being open about your expectations will help ensure that we achieve the look you have always envisioned, so that you can look and feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day.

6. My last and favorite piece of advice is to sit back, relax, and take it all in. Put your phone away, or hand it off to an attendant to tend to any last minute phone calls, emails, or text messages. You have planned, prepped, and beautified for this day for quite some time. The day will go by so fast. Everyone around you is there because they love and support you. Smile and enjoy your day!


We hope hat helped! To find the answer to your wedding workout problem, check out this blog from Basecamp Fitness!If you want solid recommendations for hair and makeup artists click here! We have found the top rated and most trustworthy business in Minnesota for you! Basically, we are wedding planner sisters and we have your back!

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Beauty Prep Tips From a MN Wedding Professional