Current Bridal Makeup Trends That Are Going to Be Hot in 2023

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Looking to curate your perfect wedding day glam? Prepare your makeup brushes! Here are the top seven bridal makeup trends for the 2023 wedding season. Makeup is all about celebrating your individual style, and your wedding day look should be no exception. There is truly nothing more exciting than seeing a bride feel beautiful and confident in her own skin, and curating the perfect look for your special day will help to ensure that you do.

Not sure where to begin? Let some of the current bridal makeup trends guide you. There’s something for everyone, from natural looks for the bride who wears little to no makeup on a day-to-day basis (and post-pandemic, this number has been on the rise) to glam-loving brides who want to make a statement like no other. Pulling inspiration from TikTok to the runway, these 7 current bridal makeup trends showcase the most popular looks for your wedding day, whatever your aesthetic.

1. Makeup Trends That Went Viral

TikTok & Instagram: It’s no secret that during the pandemic we found ourselves spending a little extra time on our phones scrolling through social media, helping to pass the time and keep ourselves entertained. I admit, I’m guilty of spending countless hours scrolling through TikTok and Instagram watching makeup tutorials and viral product reviews. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have set a new precedent among makeup artists alike and inspired numerous makeup trends like: Clean Girl Aesthetic, Glass Skin, Cream Contouring, Over Blushing, Siren Eyes, Y2K, the list is endless.

Data Supports Trend: A recent study by Harvard Business School found that 62% of women follow beauty influencers on social media. Ranked highest in terms of influencing beauty product purchasing decisions were content creators, followed by third-party product reviews and finally beauty industry professionals (Schwarz, 2022).

Easily Inspired: We have the ability to connect with social media platforms like never before, making it the perfect place to become inspired, and influenced to find that perfect makeup look for your special day. Applying any one of these makeup trends is sure to captivate your partner and guests and provide that “wow” factor you’re looking for!

Pro tip: Follow content creators and makeup artists whose techniques you find informative and save content from your favorite social media makeup artists so you can use them as inspiration on your wedding day.

2. The New Natural Look in Bridal Makeup

Who else is easing in from wearing nothing on their skin for the past two years while sheltering in place to hello, it’s your wedding day and everyone is expecting you to wear a full face of glam? Here’s why you shouldn’t panic: One of the prevailing current bridal makeup trends has been that less really is more.

Brides moving away from traditional “full glam” and instead opting for more natural looks, especially with respect to complexion coverage. Gone are the days of full coverage foundation, extensive contouring, and heavy setting powders. Sheer coverage, super dewy skin, and embracing your freckles is in, and there is a renewed emphasis on eye makeup and blush. Avoid heavy complexion powders and matte complexion formulas, and instead go for cream formulas with a combination of hydrating products to achieve that relaxed look. Try light matte shadows on the eyes and full fluffy false lashes to make your eyes pop.

One caveat to achieving this current bridal makeup trend is that you will need to start early. Prepping your skin properly is key, and skincare experts recommend starting and maintaining a consistent skincare routine that incorporates hydrating products up to one year before your big day. Hydrated and healthy skin is an important first step for any type of makeup application, especially wedding day glam. Look for products containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and squalene to help hydrate and prep your skin for an immaculate complexion.

3. Ethereal Bridal Glow 

Ethereal makeup conveys feminine and romantic aesthetics, and is a consistent contender for brides who want a light, airy, and delicate appearance to achieve that coveted bridal glow. The modern twist in current bridal makeup trends is to add gemstones and earth elements to accent the ethereal look. Pearls, crystals, gold, and jewels can be as subtly or as eye-catching as you want. You can use various size gemstones to create different looks or keep it cohesive with one size of gemstones. No matter the size or type of gemstone, the key is to have fun with this look. Use a high quality clear lash adhesive to attach the gemstones to your makeup for a long-lasting application. This trend is perfect for any creative and eclectic bride looking for a fun twist on traditional bridal glam.

4. Bridal Pops of Color  

Wedding makeup tends to be restrained, with predominantly muted and neutral tones. So it’s refreshing to see that colorful palettes are emerging as one of the current bridal makeup trends. Adding a pop of color to your bridal makeup is quickly becoming a favorite choice of  non-traditional, artistic brides who are looking for something out of the box and unique. If you’re interested in experimenting with the color trend, start with your eyeliner or lip color.. Looking to try something a little bolder? Try neon pigments. Using liquid or cream products will help to achieve a more pigmented and brighter appearance. Be sure to set your products using a matching powder shadow to keep the color bright. This technique will also help lock those colors in place for a longer-lasting wear time.

5. Super Blushing Bride

The days of Kim Kardashian-style contouring was phased out during the pandemic. What replaced it? t “Super blushing.” Super blushing is a term coined by influencers within the makeup community and consists of contouring the face using blush instead of traditional contour products. The results give you a lifted and sculpted face with beautiful color and glow. As current bridal makeup trends go, this one is  spot-on to achieve that blushing bridal makeup look. Avoid powders and opt for cream or liquid blush instead, and apply these products across the bridge of your nose for a healthy sun-kissed glow. You can also create a custom blush by mixing different liquid shades together.

6. Holographic Wedding Makeup

Also, known as “galaxy makeup” holographic makeup consists of iridescent shades that vary between green and purple, depending on where the light bounces off the makeup. Holographic makeup is perfect for any bride looking for a sensational and non-traditional wedding look. For a tame variation, you can swipe liquid shimmer eyeshadow across your eyes. Feeling adventurous? Go bold with a pigmented powdered holographic shimmer and sparkles. You can also try this look with your highlighter. Apply holographic powder shimmer to the high points of your cheek bones for a fun holographic glow. There’s a ton of variety of glitter, shiny highlighters, and pearlescent products to choose from to accomplish this look. For inspiration, look to films like The Great Gatsby and TV shows like Euphoria.. If this is one of those current bridal makeup trends that seem unattainable to you, remember that holographic makeup makes a wonderful  second bridal look for your reception.

 7. A Second Reception Makeup Look

With many brides opting for a second reception dress, why not arrange for an additional makeup look as well? As mentioned, this can be the perfect opportunity to try out another current bridal makeup trend. Transform your ceremony makeup by switching to a bolder lip, like dark cherry. Richer hues are making a comeback and can help with a day-to-night revision of your bridal look. Want to keep a lighter or neutral lip instead? Try adding darker shadows of brown, plum, or gray to your ceremony eye makeup to achieve a sultry smoky glam. Just be sure to carve out enough time in your wedding timeline to accommodate this.

There you have it, the top bridal makeup trend predictions for 2023. Remember, there is no longer a “one size fits all” mindset for bridal makeup looks, so don’t feel obligated to follow traditional bridal glam if that isn’t for you. And on’t be afraid to experiment with current bridal makeup trends that fit your personality, because that’s what you really want to shine on your special day.

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Current Bridal Makeup Trends That Are Going to Be Hot in 2023