Custom At Home Whitening While You Sleep

All brides want a dazzling white smile on their wedding day. But how do you actually get that? Spend $15 on whitening strips that don’t actually stick to your teeth much less work. What a joke! We would never want you to waste money like that.Here’s some advice from the professionalsat LindenHillsDentistry

Unlike over-the-counter products, which may come with poorly fitting trays and marginal results, professional whitening offers predictable, dramatic results. We use the Körâ„¢ Whitening System in our office, which is safe for even the most sensitive teeth! The first step is taking impressions to design your custom whitening trays. The unique design of Kör whitening trays effectively creates a seal at the margins of the teeth, avoiding the loss of whitening gel during whitening. The trays are fabricated within two weeks at which point you return to our office to pick up your whitening system and review instructions for at-home use to get the best possible results. One of the reasons Kör Whitening is so predictable is that all whitening gels are continuously refrigerated from the moment they are manufactured until you take them home with you. The Kör system works best when the trays are worn overnight for two weeks. There is an optional In-Office treatment if you are not completely satisfied with the results of the trays alone. 95% of our patients are thrilled with their results and choose not to do the In-Office treatment. Optimal maintenance of your smile requires touch – ups after your routine 6 month dental cleanings for just a couple nights.

Thank you Linden Hills Dentistry for making whiter teeth a reality and affordable for brides! For more information, visit their website HERE and check out their other blog, SHOCKING FACT: PORCELAIN VENEERS ARE NOT WHAT YOU THINK.


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Custom At Home Whitening While You Sleep