Eyelash Extensions: Are They For You?

We’ve all tried our luck with fake eyelashes that only last the day and take an abundance of patience to put on, but have you thought about eyelash extensions? Some of us were gifted a skimpy set of lashes to work with when all we really want is to bat and flutter our eyes with confidence. Aside from the beautiful end product of eyelash extensions, they’re an amazing accessory for summer! Jump in the lake and not have racoon eyes? Yep, it’s true… You get to skip the eyelash curler and the mascara all together when you get a set of these babies. We’ve asked Heidi of Sapphire Spa Services to answer some questions to help you decide if eyelash extensions are the beauty remedy you’ve been looking for.


1 How long is the first appointment?
Your first appointment takes up to 2 hours to complete.

2 Will they fall off gradually or all at once?
They will fall off gradually.

3 Will they damage my natural lashes?
My one to one technique guarantees your natural lashes won’t be harmed!

4 How long do they last?
Your lashes will look full for 3-4 weeks, then you will need a refill.

5 Do they look fake?
I have many widths and lengths, so I can achieve a more natural or vavoom look.

6 Do they feel heavy?
No, they don’t feel heavy!

7 Do I still use mascara with them or not?
I don’t recommend mascara and it won’t be needed.

8 Is there any type of makeup I can’t use with them, like liquid eyeliner?
You can use every makeup you desire, except mascara of course.

9 How often do I need to refill them?
You will need to refill them once a month, or you can let them naturally fall off after 2 months


Still have questions about eyelash extensions? Contact Heidi at Sapphire Spa Services! Ready to have thick, dark lashes? Make your appointment with fabulous Forever Bride vendor Sapphire Spa Services today! Mention you’re a Forever Bride and get an amazing deal on your extensions. Not a Forever Bride? Sign up today!

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Eyelash Extensions: Are They For You?