Types of Eyelash Extensions to Make Your Eyes Pop

types of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions… We’ve all heard of them and seen the craze on Instagram. What exactly are they? Do they hurt? Am I a good candidate for them? These are all questions that everyone has before their first time getting eyelash extensions.

First things first, what are eyelash extensions?

Although they seem pretty straight forward, the process is more complicated than just adding an extension to each eyelash. At your first appointment, your eyelash technician will consult your eyelash goals with you. This part of the service is incredibly important because everyone has different goals! This consultation will give your technician a chance to understand the current condition of your lashes and how to deliver the best results. This always begs the question, “Why is the condition of my lashes important? Aren’t all eyelash extensions the same?” To be brief, no. There are different lengths, weights, and curl options that your technician must choose from in order to get you as close to your lash dreams as possible.

Going along with that, the decision of which length and weight they use on you solely depends on the strength of your natural eyelashes. Someone will full and long natural lashes can support more weight and length than someone who has more thin and fine natural lashes. The decision of which curl to give you will depend on your eye-shape and comfort level – no one wants to feel their lashes hitting their eyelid!

Do eyelash extensions hurt?

They shouldn’t! This is where I encourage you to never be afraid to ask questions and to see pictures if you haven’t already. Who was your technician trained by? How long ago? Do they do any continuing education? What’s their history in the industry, cosmetologist or esthetician? Asking questions like this will give you an insight into who you can trust to do such an intricate procedure on your eyes. If you go to the right person who was properly trained, it will not hurt!

Now, why do you need eyelash extensions?

Everyone needs eyelash extensions! Some of the most common reasons why people love having them and continue to get fills are: wearing less makeup, sleeping in an extra 10-20 minutes and feeling like a movie star 24/7 (not to mention all the compliments). A simple, “oh my gosh I LOVE your lashes girl!” will make you feel good the rest of the day.

Maybe you don’t care to have lash extensions on a day-to-day basis but are going on vacation. Brides, I’m looking at you on his one… honeymoon? Say no more. Who doesn’t want to be that bronzed goddess on the beach with the wind-swept hair and just enough ~oomph~ on your lashes to make people say “Are those natural?” They’d never know you hardly put any effort into your makeup! Basically what I am trying to say is: if you have eyelashes you can have – and need – eyelash extensions.

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Types of Eyelash Extensions to Make Your Eyes Pop