A Beach Honeymoon in Curacao + Aruba

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Today we’re flying to somewhere tropical + setting sail over the Caribbean Sea, because Allé Travel is sharing a honeymoon they helped plan for a client.

Let’s get our vacation on + hear from Allé Travel themselves:

One of our favorite parts of planning Scott and Sarah’s honeymoon, aside from how sweet and lovely both of them are, was the fact that much of the honeymoon was a surprise to Sarah, coordinated by Scott.

We’re not talking the kind of surprise where you show up at the airport and don’t know where you’re going (for a honeymoon, we tend to think that would cause more stress than delight). Scott and Sarah picked their destination together––Curacao and Aruba––and even their accommodations, which ranged from the ultra luxurious, private beach type at Baoase Resort to the more local and charming casitas at Boardwalk Small Hotel in Aruba.

But when it came time for the fun stuff- the experiences that really make a honeymoon unforgettable––Scott took the wheel, letting Sarah focus on the wedding while he kept in touch with us on all things honeymoon. We’ve been seeing more and more of this lately with the honeymoons we plan, and Scott pulled it off to perfection. He told us what he had in mind, and we curated romantic ideas for him to surprise Sarah with, everything from beach picnics, private chef dinners, days out on the water on their own private boat, and all sorts of picture perfect, romantic experiences.

We’ll let Scott and Sarah take it over from here, to share about their honeymoon in their own words (and pictures)– let us just say, it was an absolute, wholehearted pleasure for us to work with these two.


What was most important to you two when you were thinking about your honeymoon (back when you were in the midst of wedding planning)?

We wanted the classic beach honeymoon. We wanted a mixture of activities and down time. And we also wanted it to be as stress free as possible.



Scott and Sarah’s honeymoon in their own words

It could not have been more perfect. We were really going for your ideal beach getaway vacation. But being totally candid, we weren’t initially thinking about Curacao or Aruba. We were set on going to the British Virgin Islands. It was at the suggestion of Polly and Irina from allé travel that we look to these islands because of the time of year we would be traveling.

We spent the first four days on Curacao and through the great planning of allé travel, we were able to pack a TON in. We spent the first couple of days lounging in our own cabana on a private beach, enjoyed a private beach side dinner at Curacao’s top rated restaurant, took a day trip to Klein Curacao (a small island off the coast) for a day of deep sea fishing, snorkeling and beach lounging. On our last day, we toured the northern part of the Curacao on a self-guided road trip that brought us to a national park, an historic local restaurant and some of the top rated beaches in the Caribbean.

In Aruba, our goal was to be a little less planned and play things more by ear. We stayed at Small Boardwalk Hotel––we couldn’t be happier with it. We were given a 3 room casita with full kitchen.

Also, we were directly across the street from the Ritz Carlton and had access to a majority of their facilities because we were staying at the Small Boardwalk. Our days on Aruba consisted mostly of walking the 3 minutes to our reserved beach chairs with a fully stocked cooler, walks up and down the beach with stops at the multitude of restaurants and bars. We also enjoyed a sunset cruise on a catamaran!


Our trip went off with basically no hiccups which is quite a feat knowing what was going on in other parts of the Caribbean. We ended up having to stay an extra day in Aruba (didn’t have to twist our arms) and got home one day after we anticipated.

Allé travel kept us proactively informed about our flight cancellations and provided us multiple options on getting home. They took care of all the logistics so we didn’t have to worry about anything. It was truly amazing!


What are the stories from your honeymoon that you’re sharing with friends/coworkers/family now that you’re back home?

We have talked a lot about our day trip to Klein Curacao. It was abnormally calm and clear that day. We actually weren’t scheduled to go deep sea fishing but when we passed a school of Mahi Mahi, our guides said we had to go for them. We ended up catching one!

Also because it was so calm, we were able to go to the far side of the island where the snorkeling is world renown. Usually, the normal conditions make it too dangerous to go over there.

Another is our private dinner on the beach. It was in a private cabana with “Happy Honeymoon” written in the sand. We opted for the chef’s menu which we can both say is one of the best meals we have ever had.


Ready to set sail on your honeymoon?

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A Beach Honeymoon in Curacao + Aruba