Mini-Moon Before the Honeymoon


So the wedding has come and gone in the blink of an eye, but now you’re married! It’s time for to begin married life with your new Hubby or Wifey and what better way to do that, than with a honeymoon! This is the time when you can finally sit back, relax and enjoy being married. For some couples though, it’s not always possible to fit in an extravagant honeymoon, directly after the wedding.

And guess what? That’s OK!

There is a beautiful thing called, the Mini-moon. This is when you and your sweetie are able to get away for a few days after the wedding to kick off your marriage and still be able to look forward to a full honeymoon down the road.

My husband and I got married last year, and within the week we were married, we had to pack up our lives in our hometown and move to a state that we had only been to once before. So with all of this craziness, lingering above our heads after the wedding we decided to push a full honeymoon off for a couple months until we could get settled in our new home. This also allowed us to save up more money after those pricey, wedding expenses occurred. So we took a drive up to one of out favorite towns, booked an Airbnb and hung out for a few days just enjoying our time. No crazy timelines to follow, no airplanes to catch a 6am the morning after our wedding. Just a short road trip together, exploring a favorite town of ours.

I’ve gathered a list of tips and some favorite vendors who could make your mini-moon extra special, even if you don’t leave town.


1. Mini-moons are perfect especially for couples that have to pay for their wedding and or honeymoon without the help from family. This allows you some time after the wedding to save for a more expensive honeymoon, a couple months later.


2. This gives you extra time to plan the honeymoon of your dreams. Plus if your honeymoon is a few months after the wedding, it extends that celebration of getting married.

The Commons Hotel would be a beautiful mini-moon destination or even just for dinner and drinks.


3. You can travel as near or far as you’d like! Maybe you and your spouse decide to spend a few days getting settled into your new house together! You can slowly open up your wedding presents and just enjoy settling into your own house, together. Then you can head downtown in the evenings for a night on the town.


4. Or, maybe you want to travel further! You could plan a little getaway to your favorite lakeside town up north, maybe a favorite city in a neighboring state or even go camping!

Consider checking out Grand Superior Lodge. They have lots to do in and around the resort! Perfect for the outdoors-loving couple.


5. No matter how near or far you travel, you’re going to find that you’ll just be content being with your new Husband/Wife. Don’t feel pressured towards a big trip. Having a cozy staycation at home can be very relaxing, especially after the craziness of wedding planning.

PC: Ivy Christina


6. When you’re booking a hotel, make sure to mention that you just got married! Hotels often times will have special wedding/honeymoon packages to make your stay extra memorable.

The Radisson Blu Minneapolis has a romance package that would be perfect for a mini-moon in the cities.

Happy mini-mooning, you lovebirds!

Photography // Ivy Christina

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Mini-Moon Before the Honeymoon