Top 10 Wedding Trends in 2019

The start of a new year brings new beginnings in many ways. It’s the proverbial time to turn over a new leaf and the perfect opportunity to get rid of bad habits and start forming new ones. Many partake in cleanses, and if you were like me, this Jan you also binged watched Marie Kondo’s series on Netflix about organizing and getting rid of things that don’t spark joy, so beyond your juice cleanse, you also “cleansed” many spaces at home. But one of our favorite things that a new year brings is new trends, specifically, weddingtrends.

Today, I’m excited to share with you 10 trends that I’m seeing pop-up everywhere this year in the bridal industry. We’ll cover every aspect of your big day, from the dress to décor and we’re so excited to hear how you incorporate these 2019 wedding trends on your own wedding day!



1. Return to Classic
To kick things off, we can thank our friends across the pond (but since Meghan Markle is actually
American, I suppose we don’t have to give all of the credit to the Brits) for the return to classic. From
classic designs and simple styles of wedding dresses to other traditional elements, like having the
wedding party in black, I’m excited to see that plenty of couples are adding more beautiful and timeless
elements on their big day in 2019.
Some Forever Bride vendors that are perfect for helping you incorporate traditional looks into your
wedding are: The Wedding Shoppe for timeless wedding dresses and dressing your wedding party in black;
venues like Edinburgh USA, The St. James Hotel, and Inwood Oaks help you
achieve the classic ballroom look and feel.



2. Statement Wedding Cakes
Over the years wedding dessert seems to make the new trends list in some shape or form, and this year
is no different. However, in 2019 I’m seeing some over-the-top wedding cakes and I’m here for it! From
metallic touches, to different textures like rippling icing and sugar flowers, to huge cakes that are
unexpected shapes and colors, statement wedding cakes are totally in.
It’s hard to only pick a handful of Forever Bride vendors to reach out to for extravagant wedding cakes,
but a few I’d recommend are: Profile Cake Studio, Something Sweet by Maddie Lu (top picture above), and Lush Cakes (bottom picture above).


3. Ceremonies in the Round
I’m partial to this 2019 trend, as it’s one that I incorporated myself in my late Oct 2018 wedding! For a
while now, I’ve seen couples move away from traditional wedding ceremonies. However, until as of late,
the ceremony set-up of chairs and benches has stayed rather stagnant.
I decided to set-up my ceremony space in a round format because personally, I get so frustrated when
I’m unable to see the bride and groom (and of course, the rest of the wedding party) during the ceremony.
One of my favorite parts of any wedding is the ceremony and clearly seeing the love and emotion on the couple’s big day. Setting your guest in a circular fashion enables better viewing for everyone. Make sure
you let your wedding planner and ceremony space know early on if you’re wanting to jump on this
trend! Then, reach out to The Seatery or Apres for affordable and super cute chairs!



4. Innovative Backdrops and Photo Ops
We did a whole podcast on this with Dos Goats Plans! You can find it by searching The Forever Bride Show on any podcast platform or check out the video and show notes HERE! (Their design in bottom picture)

This is another trend I’m very excited to see becoming huge in 2019 and one I admittedly tried (and failed)
to incorporate into my own wedding. Different backdrops and innovative props for photo ops are
quickly becoming very popular. The past few years we saw an uptick in greenery walls and sparkler exists.
However this year, I’m seeing couples choose more out-of-the-box ideas like balloon walls and colored
smoke bomb exists instead. I love how fun and unique these elements bring to a wedding!
Personally, I reached out to a confetti vendor to make colorful confetti for my bridal party to toss as my
new husband and I made our way into our reception space. I loved the idea of getting an adorable shot
of our wedding colors cascading from the sky and all around us as we kiss as a new Mr. and Mrs. It
would’ve been perfect, except for the fact that I completely forgot to grab the confetti sacks from the
bridal suite! So sad!! Making sure you get a personal element like a fun smoke bomb exist or colorful
confetti toss is the perfect task for a wedding planner like Woodland Events or Simple Elegance.

Paper cone backdrop in the top picture was premiered at the Market and was created by Lilacs & Lace.



5. Personalized Touches
This is one trend that isn’t necessarily new in 2019, but I do think it’s making waves in a different way
this year. One way I’ve seen couples incorporate personalized touches in a new way is through
personalized place settings. If you’re throwing a smaller bash, I think this is such a unique and
sentimental way to add personalization. Instead of generic place cards where each guest should sit,
incorporate a hand-written note thanking that guest for making your wedding so special. Make sure you
check out Forever Bride vendors like WS Design and Jessi Rae Design to help you pull-off these place cards.
Another fun trend to personalize your wedding that’s on the rise this year is to provide scented candles
(or even create your own scent) to help set a romantic mood during your ceremony and reception.
Guests may even begin thinking of you and your wedding day every time they smell eucalyptus or

Personalized touches go beyond the wedding. Realistically, it is the time before and after the big day that people remember. To know more about personalized gifting, listen to episode 6 of The Forever Bride Show, with our guest Brittany of B+D Custom Crafts, or watch the video and read the show notes HERE.


6. Coral Colors and Moody Hues
I can’t write about wedding trends and not include insights into this year’s hot new color themes! You’ve
probably heard by now that the Pantone color of the year is coral, so its no surprise that this is one color
that is making its mark on weddings this year! From bridesmaid dresses to bouquets to garters and even
wedding shoes, coral is popping up everywhere, and contrary to what you think, it’s also showing up
during every season!
Along with coral, I’m also seeing brides move away from neutral tones and instead incorporate darker,
edgier, and moody hues throughout their big day. I will be the first to admit that I love it in winter weddings, but I’m mainly seeing this trend as the accent during all other seasons.

Shop bridesmaids dresses HERE!



7. Bringing Outdoors In and Indoors Outside
This trend title is a little bit of a tongue twister but is definitely hot off the press for 2019! Couples in
2019 will bring the outdoors inside with the classic bombard of greenery. However, we’re also seeing brides incorporate more organic looking foliage. One look I’m especially loving is all of the grasses I’m seeing people use as décor! It definitely brings a bohemian aesthetic, but I also think they can look romantic when used to decorate arches and aisles. If bringing the outdoors inside to your ceremony and
reception venue is a must have on your list, be sure to check-out Forever Bride’s florist vendors!
As a juxtaposition to bringing the outdoors in, I’ve also loved how people are bringing indoor elements outside. Everyone can agree that there’s nothing homier than a cozy and comfy worn in couch or velvet chair, so if you find yourself throwing an outdoor bash, think about incorporating typical indoor pieces outside. Wouldn’t a Gathered. Boutique Rentals & Events stylish couch make the perfect Instagram worthy setting at your outdoor summer wedding? Just look at the picture above! Or might I
suggest reaching out to Après Event Decor & Tent Rental
for the perfect farm tables & chairs.

If you’re still looking for a venue, we understand your struggle! Which is why we curated a list of the 36 Best + Most Unique Wedding Venues in Minnesota full of descriptions and details!



8. Non-Traditional Invites
Couples investing in invitations is again on the rise, except this year, I’m seeing two unique
interpretations of wedding invites. The first is a mix of natural elements like navy blue, mixed metals,
garlands and wreaths. Adding these to your design works great with classic details like calligraphy and
honestly work for whatever dress-code, black-tie and all!
The other invite trend I’m really digging is the rise in wax seals on everything from invitations to escort cards! See our recent Trend Report: DIY Wax Seals on Wedding Stationery. I couldn’t decide between all
of the awesome Forever Bride invite stationary vendors, so be sure to take a peek at all of the awesome people
that can help you bring your non-traditional invite design to life!

Pictures above from Copper & Carbon


9. Minimalism
This interior design and style has existed for what feels like forever! However, this year I’m seeing this
trend creep into the wedding space. If clean lines and natural colors are right up your alley, the secret to
incorporating this 2019 wedding trend into your big day is to keep it simple with only a few colors and
incorporating natural elements like wood tones and marble. Styling & design in picture above from Ivory & Elm Rentals

If you are looking for a personalized mood board, color palette, and design guidance, set up a consultation with M Flower Studio, an exceptional florist and event planner! Plus, she is doing a giveaway, now until March 17th! SIGN UP HERE

OR if you’ve ever wnated to become more minimalistic in your daily life, Chamberlane Interior Services will help with that by decluttering and working with you to create a space you enjoy being in! Plus, she was on our podcast talking all about organizing and space planning!



10. Switching up Food
Last, but certainly not least, a huge wedding trend I think will be around in 2019 is couples serving food
in different ways. Whether its bringing their favorite local food truck, or setting up a gorgeous
charcuterie board where guests can graze during cocktail hour, more and more couples are opting out of
traditional appetizers and sit-down dinners. An easy way to switch up food at your wedding would be
doing small bites like mini tacos and margaritas or tomato soup and grilled cheese shooters (pictured above from The Caterers). Be sure to
research Forever Bride caterers and ask them how they can make food a memorable part of your


I hope this list of 10 new 2019 wedding trends has you excited to continue planning your dream
wedding! Make sure you sign-up to be a Forever Bride member if you haven’t yet. All of the vendors
linked in this blog post offer a deal or promotion for brides if you are a member! Happy

About the Author: This blog was brought to you by Morgan Wagner. A 20 something marketer that’s
living the suburban dog mom dream! A type-A planner, coffee and red wine enthusiast and lover of game
nights and other little things.

header image // Aminda Villa

photo 1 // Image Haus

photo 2 // Inwood Oaks

photo 4 // Lush Cakes

photo 5 // Caroline Tran

photo 7 (arches) // Dos Goats Plans

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photo 10 (decor) // Linen Effects

photo 13 + 14 // Copper & Carbon

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