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How To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring

How To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring With The Diamond Studs of MSP Jewelers

Introduction: In the studio, we had Tony Schaefer, Ryan Gilmore, & Elaina Sotoudeh of MSP Jewelers! Tune in to hear what part they each play in making MSP Jewelers the fastest-growing jeweler in Minneapolis and how they got started in the diamond industry!

P.s. I think most of us can resonate with Elaina’s first memories with jewelry! Playing dress-up was always the best as a little kid, right? Who remembers Pretty Pretty Princess?!

What we do:

– Experience

– Integrity

– Transparency

With these values at the core of who they are, you are in for a treat when you work with them. Stop by their South Minneapolis jewelry store today!

2909 Bryant Ave S #104, Minneapolis, MN 55408

How To Buy A Diamond Engagement Ring:

– Very Scary, Intimating process (should be fun)

The RING: 

– No Big Box store Mass-Produced ring 

– The ring should be built around the Diamond, Proportionate (Especially on Halo) (No Gaps)  


– The Importance of choosing a loose diamond with your eye (not online)

– The importance of GIA grading

– All Subject (4C’s)

  *The Most Importance of all is Cut (the Sparkle, Fire, Brilliance, and Scintillation) 

– Diamonds Online (measurement) 

– Clarity – SI2 can be Vastly different based on inclusions and placement 

You Have to Trust your jeweler!! 

Tune in to hear all the details!

Why we are different:

– Our vibe: young & hip. In contrast to the average jewelry store owner, who is 55 years old. This is not your mom’s and dad’s jewelry store. It is not stuffy, pushy, basic, or cookie-cutter.

– Our store (how it looks etc) You have to check out the selfie wall!!!

– No marketing. We are all word of mouth!

– Our 5-star reviews are everywhere!

– We get invited to tons of clients weddings (Ryan will speak of)

We at MSP Jewelers all do a little bit of everything at the store:

  • Ring sizing – in all precious metals
  • Laser Welding
  • Ring Soldering
  • Diamond & colored stone setting in various shapes and sizes
  • Restoration & repair of most pieces such as rings, bracelets, earrings & pendants
  • Wholesale
  • Refinishing
  • Repairs
  • Free ring cleaning!