How to Incorporate Your Dog in Your Wedding from the Expert!

incorporating your dog in your wedding

Every wedding is different and every fur baby is different, which means there are so many ways to involve them in your big day. Figure out what works best for you in today’s episode with Kelly of K Schulz Photography! She is a photographer for PETS and their people!

How to incorporate your dog in the wedding ceremony

1. As an attendant

2. Flower girl ring or bearer

3. Best dog of honor (like the best man or maid of honor!)

Options for execution:

– Have them come for just pictures and then have a plan for someone to take them home after

– Have them spend the whole day with you, but assign someone ahead of time to be their babysitter at the event

Tip: have them go to the wedding venue/location ahead of time to get a lay of the land

Tune in for more tips from the expert!

Point 2

Incorporating your pet in the pre-wedding festivities 

1. The engagement session

2. Proposals

Tune if for examples on cute ways to do both of these!

What to do if your pet cannot be there but you want to involve them

1. Invitation inspired by your dog

2. Cake or other decorations – put your precious pups face on anything you want, it’s your wedding!

3. Guest gifts – I love when couples offer dog or cat treats to their guests to take home saying that they are from their own fur baby to yours!

Figuring out what option(s) work best for you and your dog

Ask yourself,

“Does my dog do good in crowds, around people, on a leash?”

“Is my dog a homebody who would rather be behind the scenes of my wedding?

“Does the venue allow dogs outside? Inside?

Closing thoughts

We love our dogs and want to show them off and show the world our love for them but always remember not all dogs want to be in the spotlight. If your dog is an attention junkie than by all means incorporate your dog at the wedding in every aspect. If not, just remember just because they might not be there on your actual wedding doesn’t mean they can’t be there in spirit. 

Don’t have a pet but love dogs? Find a local rescue you love and have puppies instead of bouquets, great publicity for adoptable dogs!!!!

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How to Incorporate Your Dog in Your Wedding from the Expert!