Q&A: Dating, Relationships, & Marriage with Sam & Sarah!


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Q&A: Dating, Relationships, & Marriage


Question: Do you have any tips or tricks to deal with awkward situations on a date?

Answer: Laugh it off & proceed. Ask a new question or tell them you don’t want to talk about it. Or just grin until you can GET OUT and never talk to him/her again.

Question: What are some good topics to talk about on a first date?

Answer: Ice breaker questions, like “What’s your favorite childhood memory” and definitely ask anything that’s important to you! Like, “Do you like animals?” Or try fun cheesy questions like, “If you were a kitchen utensil what would you be?” Easy stuff to talk about: Work. It’s also good to ask what they like and what they do not like about their job.

What NOT to talk about: the future of your relationship (living together, kids).

Question: What is your favorite date you have been on?

Answer: When my person says something like, “Hey get in the car, we’re going out” and we go get hot chocolate and drive around and just have quality time. OR go skydiving! OR a nicely cooked dinner AT HOME.

Question: How can I meet genuine people if I have social anxiety & no friends to go out with?

Answer: Talk to a counselor to figure out how to manage that and overcome that! Find friends before you find a romantic relationship. Get to know yourself first and then move into a platonic relationship, then move into a romantic relationship.

Also, don’t rob others of the joy of knowing you! Social anxiety will hold your skills and talents back and the world needs them. You being you will attract people. So start talking with a counselor or someone you trust, affirm yourself, build your confidence, and get out there!

Question: Dating app rules?

Don’t be dumb. Stranger danger. Drive separate to and from the place, because you shouldn’t get in the car with someone you don’t know. But also, if the date ends badly that’s an awkward drive home! Also, share your location with a friend, whether that is through GPS, a screenshot, or just telling the name of the restaurant. Watch your drink.

Question: How do you handle gifts at the beginning of a relationship?

Stay small & thoughtful! Homemade gifts are super special! Do not give jewelry within the first 3 months. Surprises gifts are always fun, like bringing your person a coffee or a cupcake!

Question: How much weight should you give to your friends/their advice when it comes to your relationship?

Listen to them! They might be able to see something that you don’t because they are farther away from the situation. However, check who you are getting feedback from! And go to more than one person so you can get a general consensus and that way you’ll be better able to spot any outliers and a lot of people are biased.


Question: How do I throw away my fiance’s rock tumbler without him knowing?

LOL. We hate to say this but don’t. Relationships are all about give and take. Instead, find a place to store it so it’s out of sight & out of mind. WARNING: if you are going to throw something away, at least tell the person beforehand. And have understanding, we all have weird hobbies or things lol.

Question: How to keep the relationship happy and healthy during wedding planning?

Go on a date! Dress up, go to those first-date places that you two used to go to, and don’t talk about wedding planning. Finally, be sure to be taking care of yourself. When you are happy, other people around you will be happy.

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Question: What’s the secret to a lasting marriage?

WHO KNOWS. Just kidding. But we have to say it… Communication. It’s the most overshared piece of advice but it’s true. Go see a counselor, because they will help you develop communication skills and manage feelings. Finally, HAVE FUN!

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Q&A: Dating, Relationships, & Marriage with Sam & Sarah!